Fleet 1 – Changes to High Point Scoring and Division Promotion/Demotion Rules

Posted on behalf of the Fleet 1 Board of Directors:

High Point races are used for both scoring the High Point Series for each division, and for effecting promotions and demotions between divisions. In an effort to even up the size of our racing divisions, provide more opportunity for promotion from one division to another, and to increase the number of skippers who qualify to be scored for the High Point Series, three changes have recently taken effect:

1) Any skipper who has ever been promoted to the A division will never be demoted into the C division.

2) All sanctioned daytime Fleet 1 races with the exception of the NHYC Opening Day Regatta, the Heritage (Summer Party) Regatta, the Flight of the Lasers and Harbor 20s (and  this years NHYC Winter Series #4) are now High Point events. Clich here to see the 2020 Fleet 1 Calendar.

3) To qualify to be scored for the High Point, a skipper must compete in more than 67% of the events. (This percentage has dropped from 75%).

Understanding the “Divisions” page:

Click here to see the Divisions page.

By default, when a skipper joins Fleet 1, he/she is assigned to the C division. Skippers may use the petition process to request assignment to another division (which is voted on by the board of directors). When a skipper is promoted to the next division, an expiration date is assigned one year past the promotion date. During this time, a skipper may either re-qualify to stay in the division (which sets a new expiration date one year out), or may be promoted to the next higher division, which sets an expiration date one year out for that division. There are no expiration dates associated with skippers in the C division. Skippers for which no expiration date is associated in the B division had at some point been demoted from A (and thus can never be demoted to C).

For details about how the promotion/demotion rules for divisions work see the Fleet 1 Bylaws on harbor20.org, or click here.

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