Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes 2-20-2020

Harbor 20 Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes

20 February 2020

  1. Attendees: 
    • Board Members: Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing, Bill Hahn, Lee Cushman.
    • Webmaster:  John Jeffryes
  2. Officers for 2020:
    • Lee Cushman agreed to serve as Fleet Captain if elected.  He was immediately nominated and elected.
    • John Jeffryes was nominated and elected to serve as Secretary.
    • The board noted that Geoff Slaff agreed to be Treasurer.  He was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller phoned Tom Wright and confirmed that Tom would be willing to be Measurer.  Tom was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller agreed to be the Fleet 4 representative for Harbor 20 Association and national activities (not an officer position).
    • John Jeffryes agreed to continue doing webmaster duties (not an officer position).
  3. Rules to Live By:   Wayne suggested that the Fleet have a set of “Rules to Live By” describing how officers and others interact.  These rules would be day to day guidelines for operating and applying directives such as our bylaws.  No action was set up for this at this time.
  4. Boat weighing:
    • The Board agreed to recommend a 2020 boat weighing.
    • Wayne will write an agenda item so members can decide on details and whether to make weighing mandatory.
  5. New Combined Fleet 4 Bylaws: Wayne suggested creating a single set of integrated H20 Class and Fleet 4 Bylaws that would stand alone and clearly show changes so readers would not have to cross reference.  Morgan said the task would be to collate and integrate the documents, using strikeout marks and different colors to make it easy to see which set of rules applies to Fleet Four.  Wayne and Morgan agreed to compose a draft.
  6. The Board discussed its procedures and responsibilities under current bylaws to clarify for new board members.  Discussion confirmed that all policy issues must be presented to the Fleet owners for votes.  Also reviewed: Fleet 4 relations to the Class and to the Yacht Club.
  7. Special email lists:  The Board agreed to new email lists.  Morgan Green agreed to assemble the lists for 2020.  Suggested lists:
    • Board and Officers
    • Owners
    • Fleet and habitual crew suggested by Owners
    • All of the above and any and all interested
  8. Meetings and Minutes:
    • Morgan Green noted recent misunderstandings, confusion and unproductive flurries of emails among fleet members. She suggested that as a solution, any policy issue must be agendized and presented for “discussion-only” at an initial meeting, and the same item presented again for more discussion and a possible vote at a subsequent meeting. The board agreed.
    • Board members agreed to send out a copy of approved minutes to appropriate mailing list(s) at the same time it is posted on the website to make it easier for people to inform themselves. Getting an email about a new web posting depends on each member being correctly subscribed on the H20 website. In the past this system has been problematic.
    • Board members agreed that meeting minutes will be drafted as soon as possible and distributed to the Board and officers for comments with a two day deadline, then updated, and posted.
  9. JJ will immediately change the Championship NOR to show the deletion of the Holiday Regatta for our Championship series. The 2019 Board made this decision.
  10. Proxy Voting:  The board agreed that Fleet 4 members can cast votes on behalf of absent owners when authorized. Morgan Green suggested bringing or showing an email authorization to document the proxy if requested. No board action.
  11. Next Fleet meeting:  March 4th at 5:30 at the SBYC.  Lee will announce it through an email to all members as soon as possible.


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