H20 “Nuts” Series #3 – Saturday, April 4

Posted on behalf of Bob Yates:

On Saturday, April 4 at 1 pm we are having the “Nuts #3” sail in the Bay. The Start/Finish whaler will be located somewhere in or near the visitors anchorage in the Turning Basin area, and will provide sound signals to start the races. Bob Yates and Phil Thompson will be out there running things, so pay attention to them. The Harbor Master has “blessed” our activities as long as we stay within guidelines for our safety from the Corona Virus. You know what they are, so obey them and we will probably be allowed to continue this fun activity.  There are some restrictions on where we anchor the RC whaler, so this may hamper the size and shape of the race course. Sorry if the course is not optimum, and understand that the main purpose is to have fun and get some relief from being closed in for the past several weeks. Therefore, we have a variety of fun races in mind depending on the wind conditions. Since we are doing a variety of races, and some may take us for a “cruise” of the Bay, stay close to the whalers to receive the instructions over the megaphone and on the white board. Click here for a copy of the location of the permanent marks which we may using. I suggest that you keep it with you, along with a pen to write down a special course if we choose that option. We hope to see you out on the water having a great time.

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