Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 16 April 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Meeting Minutes

16 April 2020


Rich Miller                                                    Morgan Green                                 Wayne Rosing           

J. Jeffryes                                                      Lee Cushman                                   Al Salzer                                   

Phil Frank (potential new member via phone)

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                               OWNER                                                PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Last month’s minutes were acceptable to attendees.
  2. Geoff Slaff shared his Fleet 4 Treasurer’s report on everyone’s screen:
    • Dues collections including Association dues are all caught up.
    • The budget prepared by Geoff and Lee was shown and included no out of town regattas, but included the Anchor-Down race (~$500), and another potential fun race (~$500). The end of year balance was estimated at ~$2100.
    • Morgan brought up a mid-winter party. It was pointed out that the hosts of past parties had made those parties financially easy, but $500 will be budgeted for a party sometime in 2020.
  3. New Events:
    • Lee again requested any ideas for new events.
    • Geoff pointed out and others agreed that the non-spinnaker racing the previous evening was fun and low pressure.
  4. Morgan reported that she’d sent out a smooth copy of the Fleet 4 bylaws incorporating all of the outstanding Appendices.  She will also send out a copy in pdf format. There was continuing discussion on how to pull in the Association bylaws….Morgan’s plan “A” is to first produce a marked version of the Association bylaws to ease Fleet 4 use. Incorporating the Championship NOR will be a further action item. Later in the meeting Wayne proposed that Morgan first send the smoothed Fleet 4 Bylaws to the Board for review and then Lee will send them out to the Fleet emphasizing that this first rewrite contains no new information and is will be immediately usable.
  5. Regarding the Mandatory Weighing of boats and previously proposed voting rules shown below, voting is postponed since a quorum for voting was not present:
    • Owners can vote by appearing at the appropriate meeting
    • By emailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand
    • Or by emailing a board member his vote beforehand.  (A listing of existing long term 2020 proxies appears at the beginning of these minutes and will be repeated in the future.)
    • VOTE:  A vote on these items will take place at the next Fleet meeting on May 21st. Lee will send out an alert explaining the no-vote and requesting full participation in the next vote through several forms of contact for all Fleet members to ensure communication. Wayne volunteered to help with technique, covering combined email, texting, and phone calls.
  6. Rich Miller explained that Fleet 4 determines the Harbor 20 Champion every year and the SBYC accepts that for most purposes.  However, for the One Design Challenge, the SBYC uses their own criteria for picking the Harbor 20 representative. Wayne suggested that, as we smooth up our rules, we carefully pick the titles for the H-20 Champion and Fleet representative. Morgan agreed to address this in the coming rewrites.
  7. Geoff asked if we could determine an interest level in participating in the virtual Wet Wednesday racing being organized by the SBYC. Rich Miller described the previous night’s virtual races as being very fun and particularly valuable if high winds prevail locally.  Geoff and other owners said they will be going out on the water when possible, so interest was split and no commitment was made.
  8. Wayne asked about possibly including a North manufactured asymmetric spinnaker as an allowable alternative.  Morgan suggested that we could address this in our updated bylaws.  Rich Miller agreed with this approach.
  9. Wayne asked if there is a “ringer rule” somewhere in out bylaws…. Morgan said that it is covered in the Association Bylaws.
  10. J. Jeffryes asked to document that we are delaying boat weighing plans. That was confirmed.
  11. The next meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday in May, the 21st. If conditions improve immensely and the SBYC opens, the meeting may be at the club at 1730.  Otherwise a zoom meeting will held again.


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