Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes May 11th 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Board Meeting Minutes

11 May 2020


Lee Cushman, Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Bill Hahn, J. Jeffryes                                

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                    PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Of the proposed agenda items for this Board meeting, it was decided to go through Morgan’s draft of the Fleet 4 Bylaws incorporating all of the outstanding changes.  Throughout the meeting Morgan took down detailed notes on all of the points discussed for clarity having to do with this new draft. She reminded all and it was understood that no substantive changes are being made….. only appendix incorporations are being done with any necessary minor smoothing.  Topics that came up that actually would require votes and bylaw changes were not discussed at this time. These minutes will not address the incorporations in any great detail.
  2. The topics within the Bylaws that were addressed included:
    • Adding a preamble was proposed stating that the Fleet 4 follows the Harbor 20 Association Bylaws except as noted in the Fleet 4 Bylaws. Morgan will look at existing references to the Association in our Bylaws while doing this so as not to be redundant (I.B.1, I.F.5, II.A, II.A.1, etc.). Rich mentioned the possible conflict in I.F.5 dealing with the Fleet Championship being held in conformance with Class rules. This clause might be changed in the smooth draft if the Board concludes it is non-substantive.
    • The Appendices dealing with the composition of the Board and voting was discussed. The clarifications on how voting is done (email, etc.) was discussed and may not require actual detailing in the Bylaws following the Fleet vote on the subject. Lee stated that we still have the open action to get this vote done.
    • The number of owners per yacht was discussed with respect to voting and it was concluded that it was a non-problem in Fleet 4, since each owner-member is connected with a separate yacht.
    • The Board agreed to move language in I.D.9 of the Fleet Bylaws into I.D.7. this adjustment puts the Voting and Quorum definitions in the same paragraph.
    • Lee brought up for clarification the situation where a competitor who is not a Fleet 4 member might want to race in the Harbor 20 fleet for some race. It was concluded by all that this would not be a problem for determining the Fleet 4 champion…. the non-member entry would just be ignored for points accrual and all lower finishing yachts would move up a place.
    • Sail Manufacturers:  All agreed that changes would have to be addressed in the future.  The sentiment of those present was that the spinnaker rule need not designate a manufacturer.
    • Clarifying who can be helmsman and crew as fixed rules was brought up and will be discussed in the future.
  3. It was briefly discussed and agreed that Lee and Wayne will collaborate to set up future Zoom meetings with their own paid accounts, and it will not be necessary for the Fleet to pay for a Zoom subscription.
  4. The next Fleet meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday in May, the 21st. If conditions improve immensely and the SBYC opens, the meeting may be at the club at 1730.  Otherwise, a Zoom meeting will be held again.


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