Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 21 May 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

21 May 2020


Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Brian Green, J. Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Wayne Rosing, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Kevin Cahill                                           

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                                PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

1. Old minutes were approved.

2. Geoff reported that we have $3247 in the bank and that he expects we’ll end the year with approximately the same balance after 2020’s planned expenditures.

3. Rich told us that the East/West Regatta currently scheduled for 2 – 4 October at the NHYC is not firm yet considering COVID-19 conditions. He also shared that some racing is being conducted in Newport Beach.

4. Lee shared some information from the SBYC Sail Committee:

  • Brad is looking forward to gradually start racing in early June with limited classes, etc. to be announced.
  • Brad is targeting, still to be firmed up, the Fiesta Regatta on July 18 for the first back-to-business regatta.
  • To help in planning the startup of racing, Lee told Brad that the minimum crew for H20’s is 2 with a separation of several feet.  Al Salzer requested that we keep in mind a goal of 3 crew.
  • JJ suggested that we offer a no-spinnaker configuration to Brad if it helps tone down our racing as we restart.
  • Lee also gave his opinion that appearances and feedback were good on Wednesday evenings with minimal H20 crews.

5. Morgan reported on the smoothed copy of Fleet 4’s Bylaws with all of the current appendices incorporated in the main body. She did some minor renumbering and moving of sections for clarity, but did no substantive changes. To save time and effort, Wayne suggested that we send out this copy to all of the owners now to collect:

  • Comments on errors that might have been made in this copy; and
  • Suggestions for future discussions and changes.

Geoff suggested that the distribution point out that the new preamble did not exist before, but that it is not a significant change.  He also suggested that the need for a designated jib manufacturer be mentioned. Morgan agreed to immediately fix one typo and remove the preamble, though it will be mentioned, to keep the meaning of the reformatted bylaws unchanged. Lee and the rest of the attendees discussed this approach and agreed on it.  Lee said that he will do this mailing when Morgan forwards the corrected copy to him. After discussion with Kevin and others, Lee said that he would ask for an owner review by June 10 allowing the reformatted bylaws to be added to the agenda on June 18th for discussion. Possible corrections and plans for posting on our website will follow.

6.  Lee next brought up the subject due for a vote on various ways for owners to vote on Fleet proposals.  Morgan clarified for all that a proxy can vote any way that he wishes……a mailed in vote is a specific vote per the owner’s wishes.  Lee reread the proposal allowing voting:

  • In person or remotely via phone connection, or
  • By e-mailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand, or
  • By e-mailing a board member his/her vote beforehand.

Voting was as follows:

FOR: Al Salzer, Jane Barrett, John Jeffryes (proxy for Hahn), Rich Miller, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Brian Green, Wayne Rosing (2 votes), Lee Cushman

ABSTAINING: Kevin Cahill

It was briefly discussed and agreed that this measure will not be added to the current bylaws reformatting, but will be addressed for final documenting in the near future.

7.  Lee brought up the second proposal due for vote on whether or not to make a 2020 boat weighing mandatory. Discussion included:

  • Lee leaned away from mandatory weighing, and pointed out that we have a complete set of weight data, and that, barring changes, boats tend to get heavier. Also, most of the boats are not close to being too light.
  • Morgan pointed out that weighing is already mandatory for new boats and that configuration and safety inspections are important and should be addressed in the future.
  • Tom would defer mandatory weighing in the near future, weighing for challenges only.
  • Several members stated they were interested in non-mandatory weighing this year. Lee took an action to work this.
  • Geoff contributed that 2020 has shaped up to be a bad year to consider mandatory weighing.
  • Kevin felt the importance of weighing, but suggested a predictable schedule such as every 2 or 3 years.
  • Rich offered an alternate scheme of weighing the top three boats every year.

Voting was as follows:

FOR: Rich Miller, Brian Green

AGAINST: Al Salzer, Jane Barrett, John Jeffryes (proxy for Hahn), Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing (2 votes), Kevin Cahill, Lee Cushman

8.  Lee stated that discussions on how to address the 2020 H20 Champion are on hold.

9.  Wayne reminded all that he still intends to use his purple North spinnaker. A short discussion confirmed that it is legal per our rules…….no action.

10. Lee brought up the idea of having virtual racing for the H20 fleet on some other night than Wednesday. Geoff suggested incentives and prizes for participants funded from Fleet 4’s treasury. Several members expressed interest and Lee suggested a June 6th event to replace time previously set aside for the Summer regatta. Rich pointed out that the usual format of the site used on Wednesdays produces races of about 15 minute duration and 4 races would be a good format. There was some discussion on ease of learning the racing techniques and it was suggested that we schedule some practice races. Rich will take the lead by re-sending the guide for registering at the virtual racing site and getting a feel for the fleet interest.


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