Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes June 18th, 2020

Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes
18 June 2020
Rich Miller, Morgan Green, John Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Wayne Rosing, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Caroline Kavanagh

2020 Long Term Proxies:

  YACHT               OWNER                PROXY

Fleur de Lis Al Salzer Billy Bench
TachyToo Wayne Rosing Greg Hopkins

  1. Voting proxies for this meeting:
    a. John Jeffryes for Bill Hahn
    b. Morgan Green for Brian Green and Kevin Cahill
  2. Old minutes were approved.
  3. Geoff reported no changes.
  4. Rich reported nothing new at the national level.
  5. Lee reported on the Sail Policy Committee on the limited racing resumptions as shown on the revised SBYC schedule. He brought up the COVID rule about having 2 sailors maximum on Harbor 20’s. SBYC is interested in minimizing the number of people and interactions, and is interested in minimizing the appearance of too many people with regard to Santa Barbara’s COVID rules. Wayne commented that the appearance of too many people was not a good excuse for the crew limitation. There was much agreement on this point. Much discussion ensued with Rich stating the value of sailing with household members only for COVID control and the disadvantage of sailing with 2 if others are sailing with 3. Al Salzer described the need to have 3 or more crew for most conditions as a safety factor. Tom Wright agreed with Al. Rich further reminded all that protesting published rules is the recourse as required. Various restatements of these concerns came from other attendees. Morgan suggested and Lee accepted the task to feedback to Brad and the Sail Policy Committee the strong wish to be allowed to sail with more than two crew. All voted “aye” for this approach.
  6. Wayne moved to accept the redrafted bylaws, Morgan seconded, and the vote of all present was unanimous. JJ will incorporate the previously approved manner of voting and post the redrafted bylaws, sending them out by email in parallel to all owners and proxy voters with a request for needed substantive changes. Upon receipt of input from fleet on changes Board will meet and prioritize the list. Lee reviewed this voting scheme:
    a. In person or remotely via phone connection, or
    b. By e-mailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand, or
    c. By e-mailing a board member his/her vote beforehand.
  7. Lee stated that he, Geoff, and Rich are interested in being part of the team representing “West” in the East-West Challenge in Newport Beach on October 2/3/4. JJ will contact Bill Hahn regarding his interest. Geoff and Rich mentioned other new owners and their possible interest. Lee agreed to check with all.
  8. The subject of communicating with other local H20 interested parties came up and Lee summarized the discussion by stating that owners should forward to him names and emails of drew that they would like to keep informed of Fleet 4 activities. JJ will add these names to the “Interested Parties” list and the list will be used as required in the future. In all cases, owners should encourage their involved crew to participate in appropriate activities. All present agreed on this approach.
  9. Lee brought up date for weighing……there were no strong comments, though Rich mentioned that Saturday morning might cause the least conflict of the two times that Lee had earlier suggested: Friday, July 10th afternoon, Saturday, July 11th, morning. Lee will put out an email on this.
  10. Lee said that Brad would like some input on how to pick the SBYC H20 Fleet Champion for 2020. Various schemes were discussed……Geoff’s moved for 4 regattas with one throw-out. Further, if the SBYC experiences major scheduling problems during the remainder of 2020, the Champion would be the winner of the Summer One Design Regatta. Lee seconded the motion, all voted “aye”. The regattas would be:
    a. Rescheduled Summer One Design Regatta Saturday, August 8th.
    b. Fall One Design Regatta Saturday, October 4th.
    c. SBSC Goblin Regatta, Saturday only, October 24th.
    d. Reinstated Holiday Regatta, Saturday only, December 5th.
  11. Rich requested that the previous meeting’s minutes be forwarded with the upcoming meeting agenda. Lee and JJ agreed to do this.
  12. Geoff brought up the idea of having fewer meetings…..Al suggested going ahead with July’s meeting and considering thinning out the future meeting schedule, such as skipping the August meeting. Lee reminded all that, so far, 2020 meetings have been busy, long, and productive.
  13. Rich brought up the subject of spinnaker manufacturer and we were all reminded that the manufacturer is not designated in our bylaws and that we can go forward that way.
  14. Next meeting: Thursday, July 16th.
  15. Meeting adjourned.

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