Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes November 19th, 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

19 November 2020


Rich Miller, John Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Geoff Slaff, Bill Hahn, Phil Franklin     

  1. 5:00 P.M. conference call with Class President and Attorney representing the Class regarding the Class lawsuit.
  2. Voting proxies for this meeting: none applicable

Old Business & Action Item

  1. Sling for Fleet add to scale equipment Lee needs to deliver to Wayne.
  2. Fleet trailer idea/pool information (Tom Wright).
  3. Rules chalk talk Brad Schaupeter, Bill Hahn to discuss idea. Action Bill to follow up with Brad about a Half Day class “Rules at Start and Mark Rounding’s”
  4. Fleet party confirm date & place Hosted by the Millers. ON HOLD
  5. Discuss Double-Handed/Short-Handed Race:
    • Single Handed Harbor 20 Champion will be determined at SBSC Bougay event. (Defending Champion Geoff Slaff)
    • Double Handed Harbor 20 Champions will be determined at SBYC Double Handed race ( November 21st )  General discussion and agreement that these two events are good Ideas and can be managed and acknowledge at Fleet level.
  6.  North Sails: Lee suggested that Wayne be asked to take the sample North main and jib out of circulation for all racing events until fleet accepts change. If Wayne is agreeable Fleet members could try sails if desired in non-racing conditions or CHRF races. The report on these north sails is they are better shape and could be more economical as life span could be longer.  Action: Lee to discuss with Wayne. Some Discussion: History of decision to go with Ullman Main. Objective of Bylaws is for all boats to be using same Manufacture in order to keep cost of competing reasonable, and keeping the playing field level. It was assumed that the initial cost of North sails are more expensive then Ullman however if they hold their shape longer the price point may work out.
  7. Bylaws: No Action (Not enough members present)

A.  Action: replace F1 with “All Harbor 20 Fleet 4 modifications to class rules shall apply to all   one design Harbor 20 races in Santa Barbara waters.”

B.  Also F3 “All Fleet Races are counted for purposes of scoring the Fleet 4 Championship” is not true and needs to be deleted.

C.  Hiking:  Action: We revoke Fleet Four bylaw I.3, which states: “All crew shall keep their hips within the confines of the cockpit at all times excepting the need for immediate repair or safety.”

This revocation would mean Fleet Four would revert to the existing Harbor 20 Class Association rule which states:

“II.C.4. Hiking is not permitted. All crew shall keep their torsos within the confines of the cockpit at all times, excepting in the need for immediate repair or safety.”

8. Should we make a special Fleet 4 safety equipment list for Bylaws?

  New Business & Action Items:

  1. Holiday Regatta, fourth class Championship points race Saturday December 5th.
  2. 2021 Fleet Championship races need to report back to Sail Policy Committee Prior to December1st. Discussion by members present was to return to pre-Covid schedule of races, which include the following ( SBYC Spring Regatta , SBSC Cinco De Mayo(Saturday only), SBYC Summer Regatta, SBYC Fiesta Cup (Both Days), SBYC Fall Regatta, SBSC Goblin Regatta (Saturday Only), SBYC Holiday Regatta (Saturday Only) with two Throw Outs.
  3. Fleet Order for new Sails.  Action: Lee To Contact Greg Dair Ullman Rep and alert Fleet to group sail purchase
  4. Geoff Mention that New Board to be installed by end of February. Action: FLEET  Lee to put out Email for Nominations.
  5. Next meeting:  Thursday, December 17th 2020 5:30 pm.

Meeting Adjourned 6:25 p.m.

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