Harbor 20 Fleet 1 Election Results

Because of COVID-19, we couldn’t elect our Harbor 20 Fleet 1 directors the way we normally do, in person at the annual fleet awards dinner. Instead, the owner-members in the fleet voted online. The election concluded on the 15th, and the following slate of directors was elected for 2021:

  • Anne Wiese, Fleet Captain
  • Bob Yates, Past Fleet Captain
  • Scott Barnes, Treasurer
  • Tom Fischbacher, Secretary
  • Richard Loufek, Measurer
  • Ed Kimball, Scorer
  • Len Bose, Trophies & PR
  • Kathy Sangster, Hospitality
  • Warren Duncan, Class Board Liaison
  • Phil Ramser, Founders Rep & Mentor
  • Judy Weightman
  • John Whitney
  • Peter Haynes
  • Phil Thompson
  • Gary Thorne
  • Greg Helias (our newest board member–welcome, Greg!)

The new board of directors is installed and will start working for you immediately.  We’ll look forward to holding an installation ceremony whenever the fleet is able to meet in person next year.

Thanks to those of you owners who voted!  And thank you to Roxanne Chan and Tad Springer (both of whom have business demands next year that conflict with board membership) for serving us so ably on the current board.

Bob Yates, Fleet Captain 2020

Gary Thorne, Past Fleet Captain 2020

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