Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes December 17th 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

17 December 2020


Morgan Green, Bill Hahn, Lee Cushman, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, John & Caroline Kavanagh, and John Jeffryes

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                                  OWNER                                 PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

One Time Proxies:

      YACHT                                   OWNER                                 PROXY

na                                           na                                           na


  1. Call to Order: 1740 (5:40 p.m.)
  2. Minutes of 19 November were accepted.
  3. Geoff provided the treasury balance of $2743 including $100 anonymous donation for a possible memorial paver for Bhrian Resnik.
  4. J. Jeffryes reported that he’s keeping up with listing winners on the Fleet 4 Champions and Trophies page.
  5. Geoff reported that there is no new national news.
  6. Lee counted confirmed that we have a quorum for voting.
  7. Shah has been sold and is out of the fleet for now.

Old Business

  1. Trophies.  J. Jeffryes reminded all that we now have an action to provide trophies for the 2020 Fleet 4 Single-Handed and Double-Handed champions.
  2. Sling.  Lee is working to get a fleet sling to Wayne so that sling and scale can be kept together.
  3. Trailer.  Tom is working on securing a fleet trailer…. he is currently awaiting feedback from Phil Thompson.  Tom said that most available trailers will require modification to suit Harbor 20’s since exactly compatible trailers are not numerous.
  4. Chalk Talk.  Bill Hahn summarized his meeting with Brad Schaupeter on a sailing class.  Brad is up for any topic, anytime, anywhere. Fleet 4 now needs to specify its wishes.  Lee has offered a large conference room at his firm for a location.  Bill suggested that the class be no longer than 3 hours.  Several agreed that rules around the weather mark and all marks would be a good topic.  Another comment was that we could do the class before noon and have a party after noon.  Lee and the rest of the fleet will watch the progress with COVID to see when we might approach this event. Morgan suggested that we might include the exact procedure for protesting in Brad’s class.
  5. Party.  All are aware of the need for a party and all are watching COVID progress.
  6. Bylaws.
    • Fleet 4 Hiking.  Lee brought up our past proposal to revert to the class rules.  Some discussion ensued and it was concluded that the need to hold out a spinn sheet, to clear kelp, or to go forward to work jams and emergencies would not be precluded by the Class Rules. It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved to make this change. J. Jeffryes will modify the online bylaws and remove the Fleet 4 allowance for increased hiking, Rule I.3.
    • Fleet 4 Championship Races.  Al moved and Morgan seconded that we incorporate our proposed change for Rule F.1. Lee reminded all that the new definition applies only to one-design racing for Fleet 4 members in determination of the yearly Championship.  All voted “aye”.  Rule F1 is to be removed and replaced by: “All Harbor 20 Fleet 4 bylaws and modifications to Class rules shall apply to all one design Harbor 20 races in Santa Barbara waters designated for the yearly Fleet 4 Championship.”
  7. North Sails.  Lee is in the process of discussing with Wayne the need to pull North Sails out of action. Al also suggested that protesting might be the right course to straighten out hardware configurations like this. Caroline and Jane emphasized that unofficial complaining is probably counterproductive and we should have clear rules with protests.  There was much discussion and general encouragement of protesting.
  8. Sail Purchase.  Lee reminded everyone of the 15% mainsail discount. He also reminded us that Ullman is able and willing to cut Fleet 4 sails fuller for ocean power. Lee also reported that North sails might be about the same price Ullman sails. There was much discussion on the pros and cons of modified sails or sails from multiple manufacturers. Bill, Lee, Al, and Geoff said they were particularly concerned and lean away from changing our mainsail rule. Geoff further reminded us that if a change is made it can be handled fairly easily as we’ve done in the past by having a grace period….he also suggested a subcommittee to work this.  Another aspect of this topic raised by Geoff and Lee is the possibility of taking our sails out of town to use in other regattas on chartered/borrowed yachts. Jane reminded us that many one design fleets allow multiple manufacturers within a sufficiently controlled specification. Lee countered with the value of restrictions for a one-design fleet. Bill suggested that we address the manufacturer of H20 spinnakers in the same task.  Lee suggested that we continue this discussion in the future.
  9. Safety Equipment.  Lee suggested we postpone discussing Fleet 4 safety equipment.
  10. 2021 Board.  Lee Cushman assured all that he would follow the structure of being on the 2021 board as the past captain.  Morgan described the process for setting up a new board as having two phases, all handled via email to a single source: a. Nominating open for a set time span.  b. Voting with late voters chased down individually.  Lee suggested that JJ and he would give it a try to conduct this process. The current board nominees are, Greg Hopkins, Bill Hahn, Geoff Slaff, and Morgan Green.
  11. Dues. Geoff brought up an older discussion on possibly having a different fee for dues in 2021 considering the missed party, etc.  Al suggested that the rate be kept at $100 to guard against unexpected expenses. Bill asked that we consider again convenience in paying the $15 class fee. Lee moved, it was seconded and all voted “aye” to keep the dues at $100. Geoff will work this separately in his role as Treasurer.

New Business

  1. None.

Next meeting

Thursday, January 21st, 2021 1730 (5:30 p.m.)


1853 (6:53 p.m.)


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