Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes, August 19, 2021

Attendees: ——-

2020 Long Term Proxies:

TachyTooWayne RosingGreg Hopkins

One Time Proxies:

CherrybombJane BarretLee Cushman


  • Call to Order: 5:45.
  • Approve June Meeting minutes: Geoff Motion, Rich second, vote Unanimous approved.
  • Geoff to provide the treasury report: Good shape balance $4,143 enough to spend $500 on The Anchor Down Race and another event. Geoff to notify Rick and Nina of budget for Miramar Anchor Down race.
  • Rich report on National Class News: Law suit against Class settled Schock (Odonell) given the rights to build new boats for 2 years.
  • Do we have a quorum? Yes ( Cherrybomb, SOD, Picante, Fling, Thachytoo, Fleur de Lis, Pleione, Cardremmian).

Old Business (Carried over from May 20 2021 Minutes)

  • Trophies. Provide trophies for the 2020 Fleet 4 Single-Handed and Double-Handed champions.  (Lee Single Handed, Jeff double Handed)  Action: Single handed Trophy to be completed before second annual race September 12th.
  • Rules Chalk Talk. Action: Bill Hahn; Bill Suggested the fleet meet and discuss incidents on the course after Wet Wednesday races. He will keep a running list so we can identify the reoccurring disputes/misinterpretations of the rules and have Brad address. GT suggested windward mark boats rounding and gybing to port and fouling Starboard tack boats.
  • Sails. Continued discussion of pursuing better Sails for our fleet. Parameters that the Group has general agreement on is price, viewed as initial cost and longevity and the ability for all fleet members to trim sails. Bill Hahn, Lee, have volunteered and those present agreed that Rick Yabsley would be able to offer good input as he has done a lot of research. 6/17 update Fleet 1 looking at North sails, Lee spoke with Rick mildly interested Action: Lee to follow up with Fleet 1, Realizing they sail in different Conditions.
  • Safety Equipment. Lee reported that Geoff Slaff has almost completed the task of creating a Fleet 4 suggested safety equipment list. Geoff discussed publishing a list of required safety equipment at the beginning of next season all agreed this would be a good idea.
  • Interested Potential H20 Boat owners.
  1. WELCOME to the Fleet GT, great to see the colors of Fleur Di Lie on the course.
  2. Jeff Mikeska found a slip and is looking to purchase a boat.
  3. GT will talk with Commodore of Sailing Club to see if he can generate interest in H20 fleet.
  • National Class Roster. Send Fleet 4 roster to National Class Captain Gary Thorne. Done.

New Business

  • Seashell Fleet. Request to take some skippers out for a sail. Lee to follow up with call.
  • Request to Borrow. Boats needed for Staff Commodore regatta Friday Aug 27( SOD, Fling, Thachytoo, Fluer de lis, Pleonie, Cardremmian, Tachyon) all agreed to lend boats w/out owner rep. Lee to check with Cherrybomb and coordinate with Brad.
  • Women. Women’s Skipper Championship/ Shalhoob Cup Sat Sept 18th.
  • Fleet and Class Membership dues discussion. Fleet dues $100 per boat, Class dues $15 all owners and boat skippers. Note guest skippers not necessary, crew and interested parties optional.
  • Hosting. North-South regatta next year possibly using Fiesta cup as venue.

On The Water

  • Bugay/H20 Single handed championship Sunday September 12. Action: GT to talk with Pat SBSC Commodore to confirm start for H20 singlehanded.
  • Miramar Anchor Down Race Saturday September 25th. Geoff to let Rick and Nina Know Budget.
  • East/West in Newport October 2 & 3. CANCELED.
  • Class Championship Series. Fall Regatta Sunday October 3.
  • Goleta Beach Race Saturday August 28th. Several present expressed Interest in sailing all agreed wind cooperation with an early start 10:00 am, an hour ahead of fleet would make it a fun event. Lee to check with Brad on early start and get back to fleet.

Next Meeting Thursday, September 16, 2021 1730 (5:30 p.m.)



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