Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes October 21, 2021


2021 Long Term Proxies:

TachyTooWayne RosingGreg Hopkins

One Time Proxies:

Pleione IIGeoff SlaffRich Miller


  • Call to Order: 5:45.
  • Approve August Meeting minutes.
  • Geoff to provide the treasury report.
  • Rich report on National Class News.
  • Do we have a quorum? YES [ Cherrybomb, SOD, Fleur de Lis, Cardremiann, Pleione, Tachytoo , Picante, ] JJ in attendance.

On The Water

  • Class Championship Series: Goblin Regatta Saturday October 23.
  • Class Double Handed Championship SBYC Saturday November 20 Geoff has new trophy commissioned.
  • Congratulations to Morgan (Misbehaven) for winning CHRF Lady at the Helm and Dani Hahn (FLING) Fourth Overall, 1st H2O out of 14 boats Well Done!!!

Old Business (Carried over from September 16 2021 Minutes)

  • Trophies

Provide trophies for the 2021 Fleet 4 Double-Handed champions.  (Geoff double Handed). Geoff has new Trophy will be on Hand to present Nov 20.

  • RULES Education

Action: Bill Hahn. Bill Suggested the fleet meet and discuss incidents on the course after Wet Wednesday races. He will keep a running list so we can identify the reoccurring disputes/misinterpretations of the rules and have Brad address. GT suggested windward mark boats rounding and gybing to port and fouling Starboard tack boats. Group discussion about this topic, Rich asked Brad specifics which he shared with the group.

  • Sails

Continued discussion of pursuing better Sails for our fleet. Parameters that the Group has general agreement on is price, viewed as initial cost and longevity and the ability for all fleet members to trim sails. Bill Hahn, Lee, have volunteered and those present agreed that Rick Yabsley would be able to offer good input as he has done a lot of research. 6/17 update Fleet 1 looking at North sails, Lee spoke with Rick mildly interested Action: Lee to follow up with Fleet 1, realizing they sail in different conditions. See new business for Fleet Sail Order.

  • Safety Equipment

Geoff discussed publishing a list of required safety equipment at the beginning of next season all agreed this would be a good idea.

  • Interested Potential H20 Boat owners.

GT will talk with Commodore of Sailing Club to see if he can generate interest in H20 fleet.

  • Seashell Fleet Request to take some skippers out for a sail. Lee Followed up with an email and invited seashell fleet to give dates that may work for next year.
  • Hosting North-South regatta next year possibly using Fiesta cup as venue. Rich is to follow up and report back to fleet. Rich said Jane Watkins regatta chair was ok with the Idea. Lee voiced caution and clarity that all members realize that only 5 skippers from Fleet 4 will be able to participate in Fiesta cup if we proceed down this road. Rich said Fleet 1 waiting to get back to us.
  • Put Singlehanded Race on Schedule GT to check and see if we can be part of SBSC scheduled Bugay race. Fleet agreed race fee would be good support of SBSC. Action GT.
  • Fun Race Rich threw out idea of having fun race meet at SBYC dock boats rigged and draw names we all sail different boat then our own. Morgan commented if we do this insure to give advance notice.
  • Fleet 4 language in our bylaws regarding membership and eligibility to race, is not as Morgan remembered that we voted on last December 17th 2020 meeting. Lee Rich and Morgan will investigate. See attachment below that Morgan researched. Rich talked to Brad and he felt that it would be hard to limit a SBYC Member who owned a H20 from participating in Yacht Club race for example WET WED. JJ pointed out SI’s say Boat has to be a class member. Brad did agree that this example boat would not be eligible for fleet championship.
  • Long discussion which went full circle about Fleet Champion is it Skipper or Boat that collect points. I think we landed back at Skipper who must be Fleet member.

New Business

  1. Class Board assignment as proposed by Geoff in his email: He is stepping down Rich is staying on and Lee is taking Geoff’s position. 1st by Morgan 2nd GT All in favor none opposed.
  2. Winter Party Morgan suggest we start planning
  3. New Fleet Board needs to be elected. Lee to start process.
  4. Rich Brought up legal fees to close class law suit Fleet4 portion $8,000 much discussion Greg Hopkins motion to use $ 3000 in fleet savings the balance to be split by 14 owners, Therefore “Recommended” but not mandatory or required contribution is $357.14/ea. If contributions are in excess of $5,000 then less will be used from fleet savings. 
  5. Fleet Sail Order discussed Ullman Main design modification.

Adjournment       6:55 pm

Thursday, October 21, 2021 1730 (5:30 p.m.)


Latest Fleet four bylaws on class website


F1. A Fleet Race is any Class Race so designated by Fleet 4 to distinguish it from evening races or other informal events.  All Harbor 20 Fleet 4 bylaws and modifications to Class rules shall apply to all one design Harbor 20 races in Santa Barbara waters designated for the yearly Fleet 4 Championship.

F.2. Fleet races will be held in conformance to the participation requirements of the Class Rules, and the helmsmen need not be an Owner Member or Skipper Member, unless modified by written notice from the Board.

F.3. All Fleet Races are counted for purposes of scoring the Fleet 4 Championship.

F.4. Any Fleet Race so designated by the Board qualifies for the Fleet 4 Championship.

F.5. The Fleet may hold a Fleet Championship in a location, time(s), and format to be determined by the Fleet. The Fleet Championship will be held in conformance to the Class Rules. The winner is declared the Fleet Champion, and may affix a red chevron to his boat’s mainsail under the standard insignia.


  1. Lee brought up for clarification the situation where a competitor who is not a Fleet 4 member might want to race in the Harbor 20 fleet for some race. It was concluded by all that this would not be a problem for determining the Fleet 4 champion…. the non-member entry would just be ignored for points accrual and all lower finishing yachts would move up a place.
  2. MINUTES OCT  2020
  4. 3. Invoking Class Rules:
    1. Morgan asked how our Class rules and Bylaws are normally invoked. Rich stated that he already had the action to discuss with Brad the membership rules and would also discuss how Class and Fleet 4 bylaws are brought into play for various regattas. Discussion followed on various paragraphs of the Bylaws that would be impacted. Morgan and Rich and others present with Lee summarizing, agreed that the best approach for now and for voting into the Bylaws at the next meeting would be: All Fleet 4 Harbor 20 one-design races in Santa Barbara County will be Class races with Fleet 4 Bylaws applicable.
    1. >>> Rich and Morgan took the action to fine tune these words and forward to Lee.

MINUTES NOV. 19 2020

  1. Bylaws: No Action (Not enough members present)

A.  Action: replace F1 with “All Harbor 20 Fleet 4 modifications to class rules shall apply to all   one design Harbor 20 races in Santa Barbara waters.”

B.  Also F3 “All Fleet Races are counted for purposes of scoring the Fleet 4 Championship” is not true and needs to be deleted.


  1. Bylaws.
    1. Fleet 4 Hiking.  Lee brought up our past proposal to revert to the class rules.  Some discussion ensued and it was concluded that the need to hold out a spinn sheet, to clear kelp, or to go forward to work jams and emergencies would not be precluded by the Class Rules. It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved to make this change. J. Jeffryes will modify the online bylaws and remove the Fleet 4 allowance for increased hiking, Rule I.3.
    1. Fleet 4 Championship Races.  Al moved and Morgan seconded that we incorporate our proposed change for Rule F.1. Lee reminded all that the new definition applies only to one-design racing for Fleet 4 members in determination of the yearly Championship.  All voted “aye”.  Rule F1 is to be removed and replaced by: “All Harbor 20 Fleet 4 bylaws and modifications to Class rules shall apply to all one design Harbor 20 races in Santa Barbara waters designated for the yearly Fleet 4 Championship.”


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