Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes July 21, 2022

Harbor 20, Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes

    Date: Thurs, July 21, 2022        Time: 5:30pm         Location: SBYC    

Meeting Called to order: 5:36pm                                                                             Notes taken: JMB

Attending:  10 boat owners represented/quorum reached.


  • Fleet Budget presented and unanimously approved.
  • Minutes from last meeting presented and unanimously approved. 

H20 Fleet and Class Announcements:

  • Brief conversation took place about events that have been held so far this year and what’s upcoming (more on that below).

Old Business/Action Items:

  • Miramar Anchor Down Race Sept 24:  Trey and Nancy Pinner have volunteered to head this fun event. Please pass on any info you may have from past years to help them organize. Al has offered to host Margarita Bar, YC end tie and committee boat have been secured by Lee.             
  • Mainsail design evaluation update: a question about the necessity of looking at new sail manufacturer was raised. Benefits of having a mail and jib that were better balanced were presented. Lee still planning to bring back set of North Sails from the East/West next month so that the fleet can demo the sails individually and a hands-on evaluation can follow.
  • Class Website and posting of race reports: If any fleet members have info, photos or commentary on our races and fleet events that they’d like to see posted on the Class website they are to email it to Trey and Nancy Pinner by the first of each month.  Trey and Nancy are happy get the material posted   but we need content sent to them in order for this idea to move forward.
  • N/S Racing event:  the possibility of hosting a North/South Regatta in conjunction with the Fiesta Cup in July 2023 was suggested and very briefly discussed. Lee asked for a show of hands as to who thinks this is a good idea and a clear majority were in favor.  Lee will now bring the idea to Newport fleet to see if they also have an interest in scheduling this event for next year.  

New Business:

  • Discussion of additional topics was curtailed in the interest of time so that we could move on to Brad’s well-presented and enthusiatically received tutorial on racing rules at the start of the race.  

Next Meeting:  Thurs. August 18th

Meeting adjourned: 5:51pm

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