Fleet 1 Fall Discount Sail Order Window is Open

Do you feel like your Harbor 20 could be a little faster?  Now is your chance to order new sails!


Base Price: $955

Ullman is offering a 5% discount with a 50% deposit: $907.25

Or a 10% discount with a 100% deposit: $859.50

To order JIBs: Contact Greg Dair at gdair@ullmansails.com

Phone: 310-683-9618

Be sure to give name, email address, phone number and billing address.  Orders are “will call” unless otherwise arranged with Greg.



Same Class Legal construction, fabric and finish as current sails, 1 row of reef points, full battens, numbers in choice of colors, logo, telltales, and sail bag

Base Price: $1574.00

Elliot/Pattison is offering a 20% discount during the order window: $1259.20

To order a MAINSAIL: Contact Harry Pattison: 949-645-6697, then press 1, or

949-275-3302 direct


Order early to be sure of getting your sail in January.  Order window is open until November 30, 2022.

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