Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes March 9th, 2023

Meeting Called to order by Lee: 5:35PM                                          Notes: JMB

In attendance: L. Cushman, GT, G. Slaff, J. Barrett, J. Jeffryes, R. Miller, M. Green, B. Sheridan, H. Webb, K. Dumain, B. Hahn, S. Seal, T. Pinner

Quorum: yes

H20 Class Business , Rich and Lee:

  • Membership no discussion
  • Boat Specifications (including Head stay Length Debate): Lee proposed delay of discussion until the H20 CLASS has made their recommendations/decisions.
  • E-W Regatta Hilton Head on October 14th: no discussion
  • Nationals Spring 2024 in Newport Beach: no discussion

Looking Ahead to 2023

Off the Water Goals:

  • Committee (GT, Rich, Lee, Shawn & Steve) evaluation and trial of North Sails. Various members of the committee took turns mock racing using both Ullman and North sets of sails with very close/possibly no discernable difference in speed/performance between the two different manufacturers. Sail Reps took sails back to make modifications based on the days experience and Committee will summarize findings and make a recommendation. Suggested that a compelling reason to change sails could be based on materials/durability of sails rather than on performance.
  • SBYC wants to compensate those H20’s owners who allow use of their boats in SBYC regattas. Brad has asked the fleet to let him know how to do this. Morgan proposed and GT seconded the following motion with unanimous approval: The Harbor20 Fleet 4 will accept from SBYC $125.00 per boat on behalf of the individual H20 boat owners who have agreed to loan their boats for use during these 3 regattas: The Commodore’s Regatta, The Centennial Cup and the Women’s Skipper/Shaloobs Women’s Challenge. The fundsare to be payable to the Harbor 20 Fleet Treasurer, allocation of these funds will be determined by vote of H20 members who participated in loaning of their boats.
  • Continue/schedule Rules Seminars: Lee: no discussion, dates TBD.
  • Schedule a Fleet Party, location: Bill Sheridan offered to host, date TBD.
  • Pursue modification to improve rating for H20’s; Rich Volunteered. General discussion about need/interest in improving H20 PHRF rating but there was some confusion as to details of the procedure and whether more H20’s should register w/PHRF.  Jane will gather more info from PHRF rep, Lisa Gilinger and Brad on the details of the process.
  • Build Fleet Participation: See below re: More Entrants in Regattas
  • Try to identify/acquire slips for potential new H20 owners when avail: Members cited two individuals who have recently acquired or have use of boat slips but are unable to locate any H20s to purchase.
  • Promote H20 Fleet 4 and Class: No discussion.

On the Water Fun

  • N-S / Fiesta Regatta (Geoff Slaff) July 22-23. Geoff presented a written outline detailing the 2023 N/S Regatta and surrounding events with proposed budget and asked for volunteers, see attachment.
  • Singlehanded Liaison: (Lee Cushman) no discussion.
  • Doublehanded race: Bill Hahn Volunteered.
  • Miramar Liaison: (Lee & Trey) no discussion.
  • More entrants in Regattas? Change up schedule (less races per?) Championship Series, down to six? Input during general discussion was to leave the number of regattas that go toward the Championship series at 7, this year will be exception as the Fiesta Regatta = N-S Regatta for the H20s. It was suggested by several members and further discussed that limiting the length of time that H20’s will participate in regattas may make it more comfortable/feasible for female competitors and therefore encourage more participation in those events. Geoff Proposed and Bill Hahn seconded the following motion with unanimous approval: The participation of the Harbor 20 fleet in regattas that count toward the H20 Fleet Championship shall be limited to a 3 hour racing window commencing at the scheduled start time/first gun as per the specific NORs provided.
  • E-W Race Liaison: (Rich) no discussion.
  • Coed Race Liaison SBSC: (Jane) no discussion.
  • SBYC Invitational Regatta’s (Centennial, Commodores, Women’s): Commitment from fleet for donating Boats to all three (Trey & Lee). Trey sent an email request to the fleet and received responses from those fleet members who are willing to lend their boats. No further discussion during the meeting.
  • H20 Fleet Race Committee duty, Sunday June 11th? Trey, Geoff, Steve, Lee volunteered.

Meeting Adjourned 7:30pm

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