Class Bylaws Updated

The class board of directors is working to keep our boats one-design with fair competition for all sailors.  We are making a series of bylaw updates to specify the Harbor 20 more precisely.  The latest updates include specs for:

  • Keel bulb (bylaw III.B.2.f)
  • Rudder (bylaw III.B.2.g)
  • Mast and boom (bylaws III.B.2.i/j)
  • Mast rake (bylaw III.B.2.n) [Note: Fleet 5 has set a limit on rake, but other fleets haven’t yet.]

These updates are NOT intended to put any existing unmodified boat out of compliance. Their purpose is to ensure that modifications to boats maintain the one-design character of the Harbor 20.

For the updated Class Bylaws click here.

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