Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes February 8th, 2024


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes February 08, 2024 

Members Present: Firefly, Cardriemian, Plione ii, SOD, Windseeker, Tachytoo, Tacyon(proxy Greg Hopkins), Webster, Liasianthus, Fluer de Lis, CherryBomb, Picante.

12 member Quorum.

 Fleet Board for 2024 volunteers to be confirmed:

Trey Pinner, Bill Sheridan, GT, Steve Seals, Lee

  • Motion and vote:  motion made , second , approved.

Fleet Officers

  • Fleet Captain: Lee,
  • Fleet Secretary: need volunteer
  • Fleet Treasurer:  Rich Miller
  • Fleet Measurer: GT, asst by JJ
  • Web Master: JJ

Lee and Rich will continue as liaison between Class and Fleet to keep the Fleet Informed re: H20 class business including the following topics.

  • Membership –Discussed using Class online application.
  • Boat Specifications and Manufacture Updates
  • E-W Regatta Updates -We discussed as chose not to host 2024 E-W Regatta therefore allowing Fleet5 to move forward. Fleet 5 notified date set September 6th-8th
  • Nationals Spring 2025 in Newport Beach  looking at first 2weeks in April
  • Need to discuss replacement of LEE and RICH – No interest by members present.

Looking Ahead to 2024- On the Water Fun

  • Singlehanded Race Liaison (combined w/ Charity Regatta) Sept7th Lee volunteered.
  • SBYC Doublehanded race, need Liaison:July 7th Geoff Slaff volunteered.
  • Miramar Liaison: Trey and Lee agreed to help but neither available race day. Need Lead Person to coordinate End tie and committee boat
  • E-W Race Liaison (Geoff will be Fleet 4 Laison) September 6th – 8th
  • N-S in Newport Beach- Dates to choose from, discussion around table agreed Friday race and Saturday Participate in Fleet 1 treasure hunt sail.  Rich to be Laison.
  • Coed Race Liaison SBSC John Kavanaugh volunteered to be liaison.
  • SBYC Invitational Regatta’s (Centennial, Commodores, *Women’s)

Commitment from fleet for donating Boats to all three Trey to lead

  • H20 Fleet Race Committee duty, Saturday June 8th?Lee to lead
  • North Sails- Dock and on water training/seminar Saturday April 20th.
  • Single Handed once a week or month fun race, Thursday or Friday afternoon, during summer. Steve Seals to lead.
  • Staff Regatta October 17th  Geoff Slaff to lead

Looking Ahead to 2024 – Off the Water Goals

  • Treasure report Balance $2396
  • Fleet and class Membership Rich Miller
  • Championship Serious Revised series points scoring. Seven regattas 2 throw outs, six regattas 1 throw out, Five or less regattas no throw outs. Minimum of 3 regattas to crown fleet Champion Motion Made second, vote approved. Lee to let brad know
  • Championship Serious Change, time limits back to original? Motion Made second, vote approved. Lee to let brad know
  • Continue/schedule Rules Seminars Lee
  • Schedule a Fleet Party, location? Bill Sheridan Volunteered
  • Pursue modification to improve rating for H20s Rich Miller & Bill Sheridan
  • Promote H20 Fleet 4 (Class Guy From Ventura interested in Boat and Slip will race)


  1. Helene looking for crew
  2. Mast genie fleet purchase? Trey to follow up
  3. Weigh in boats? GT to follow up
  4. H20 fleet trailer Talk with Bill Hahn about Fleet helping with expenses. SBSC request to store a Trailor (Morgan and John to follow up)

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