Boat Certification Reminder

Following are the deadlines for obtaining a Weight Certification from the Fleet 1 Measurer:

A Division: April 1, 2016  (already past)
B Division: June 1, 2016
C Division: September 1, 2016

If your boat is not Weight Certified by one of these dates, you will not be scored in Class Races until it is Weight Certified.

There are only two free weight certification in dates remaining. There are lots of open time left on both dates. Sign up for any available time on either day.

May 21, 2016
June 12, 2016

If a boat weighs less than 1950lb it could take a second weighing after the weight are installed to be certified, so plan accordingly.

If your boat has not completed the weight certification process by attending either or both of the remaining dates, you must pay $200 and make an appointment to have your boat weighed and certified.

Complete details on the Weight Certification can be found on the Boat Certification page under the Fleet 1 menu, or clicking here.


Boat Weigh In – Sign Up

The Fleet 1 Measurer has scheduled a number of days to weigh boats for compliance to Class Rules regarding boat weights. Enforcement of weights will apply to A Division sailors first, followed by B Division sailors and finally C Division sailors.

The schedule for weight compliance for Fleet one is as follows:

All A Division Boats must have their weight certificate by April 1, 2016.


All B Division Boats must have their weight certificate by June 1, 2016.


All C Division Boats must have their weight certificate by September 15, 2016.

Boats will not be scored in races if they are not compliant (and have a weight certificate issued by the Fleet Measurer) by the date required.

Refer to the Class Bylaws for exact weight requirements and procedures for adding weight if necessary, specifically, sections III.C.2, and III.D.2.

Download the instructions for weighing here.  Sign up for a specific date and time below.

Current Sign-up Sheets

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