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The Harbor 20 Heritage Regatta and Summer Party

Entries Now Open

The Harbor 20 Heritage Regatta and Summer Party is on August 18. If you were part of last year’s party at the Bay Club, you already know it’s not to be missed.
$60 per person covers the whole day (Regatta Entry, Party Entry).

Sign up now by clicking on this link.

Here is the Notice of Race.
Sailing instructions will be available at the skippers’ meeting.
This year’s theme is “Flags,” so start digging out your burgees and pennants to fly on your boat.

Important Fleet 1 Championship Reminders

Posted on behalf of Fleet Captain Gary Thorne:

Fleet 1 Championships are coming up Oct. 6-7.  Please check the following to ensure you’re ready:

  • By Aug. 7:
    • If you haul out your boat for sanding, painting or any other reason, put it back in the water 60 days before the regatta per fleet bylaw I.F.9.
    • If you’re skippering, make sure you’re listed on the registration as an owner, and your dues are paid, 60 days before the regatta, per fleet bylaw I.F.10 and class bylaw I.C.2.
  • By Sept. 19:
    • If your crew is a pro or hasn’t raced with you 12 times since last year’s championships, petition the fleet board to approve your crew by the Sept. board meeting, per fleet bylaw I.F.8 and class bylaw II.D.5.
  • ASAP
    • If you don’t have a measurement certificate showing your correct boat weight, contact fleet measurer Richard Loufek (, per class bylaw III.C.2.  (To see if you have a certificate, log into, click Members.My Roster Profile, then click the sail number in your profile.  If a certificate appears that reflects all modifications to your boat’s weight, you’re good to go.)

Save the Date for Class Championships

The 2019 Harbor 20 Class Championship Regatta is scheduled for March 1-3, 2019, to be hosted by the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The regatta will be open to all Harbor 20 Class Association Owner Members.

We are expecting participation from the all Harbor 20 Fleets. For this Championship, there will be no Divisions (eg: A, B, C). Instead, on Friday will be a series of races to seed entrants into groupings.

Watch for the Notice of Race being posted here in August, along with details regarding boat charters, lodging, parties, etc.

NEW! – BCYC Wild Sailing Regatta

HARBOR 20 RACERS – BCYC is aware of the potential conflict with the Harbor 20 Championship on October 6 and has provided a throw-out race day (see NOR 10.4).

 The Wild Sailing Regatta is a NEW 3-race series for Harbor 20 and PHRF boats. Harbor 20’s will sail inside the harbor. PHRF will start inside the harbor, then sail around ocean marks. Post-race parties follow racing each day…July 28 at BCYC…September 15 at BYC…October 6 at BCYC.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
List of Entries/Classes





  • Come and enjoy this great race around the Harbor with A’s B’s & C’s all in together.
  •  Great prizes including 50% off a new Pattison Main,  50% off an Ullman Jib, a can of Antifouling paint and more!
  • New longer course.
  • 38 boats last year.
  • Prizes for 1st A, B & C, including a beautiful new “Bob Yates” perpetual trophy – win an be inscribed on it forever!
  • Random prizes for  worthy things like: Best dressed or most interesting or best celebrity aboard or whatever you can do to make your Harbor 20 unique and fun!!
  • Free T Shirts for all ( Until they run out )


Thank you to our sponsors!!

Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, Ullman Sails, Petit Paint, Sailing Pro Shop, Just Marine, Walter Johnson Yachts, Maxwell Insurance, Best Life, The Commodores Club, Visit Newport Beach, Balboa Yacht Club.

Rules Around the Race Course – Saturday, July 21, 1:00-5:00, BCYC

Note: Special discount for participants in the 2018 BCYC Taco Tuesday Series!

Know the Racing Rules of Sailing! Whether you would like to get up-to speed, or up-to-date, this interactive clinic is focused on helping you understand how the rules work. While the right-of-way rules themselves are simple enough to understand, the complexity lies in the rules which limit the actions of the right of way boat, such as when acquiring right-of-way, altering course in the presence of a keep clear boat, or giving room at obstructions or marks. It is also important to understand the rules which exonerate a boat that is compelled to break a rule by the action of another boat that is breaking rule. Know your rights!

Animated PowerPoint and magnetic boats on whiteboards bring the rules to life, and all the information is included in the handouts.

We hope to see you there!

Click here to register.

The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 book is available here.



Rules Around the Race Course – Saturday, May 5, 1:00-5:00, BCYC

“Protest” is not a dirty word. It is a required hail to inform another boat the she has (in your opinion) broken a rule. It does NOT mean that you have to go into a protest hearing. Over 90% of the time it is clear if a rule has been broken, and by which boat. The appropriate next step is for the boat that broke a rule to take a penalty per rule 44.1, and the race continues.

There are situations when a protest hearing IS warranted. But this is only in complex situations when the competitors really DO NOT KNOW who was at fault, and a panel of experts is required to find facts, interpret the rules, and make a decision. Otherwise, everybody is better off when rule violations are handled on the water. But, this only works when the competitors know the rules!

There is no sugar-coating that the rules are complex and can be difficult to learn.  And, they change every four years, so while you may have learned them in the past, you probably do not know them in the present form. While this half-day experience will not make you an expert, you WILL learn why and how the rules work. One thing is for certain – you cannot learn the rules by reading the rule book. But, you do need the book! The most reliable place to get it is from If you join US Sailing, you get one for free…

Protest hearings are expensive! They require that a panel of experts be assembled (who often are not otherwise already onsite), delay trophy presentations, and deny participants the enjoyment of after-race events.  For this reason, BCYC is sponsoring a one-time special offer for this event:

Participants, skipper or crew, in the 2018 16 week BCYC TACO TUESDAY series are offered a discount of over 50%! The more that rule violations are handled on the race course, the better the famous after-racing party, weekly trophy presentation, and raffle!

Click here to register.

The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 book is available here.


Renewal of Expired Fleet 1 Memberships

Participation in H20 Class races in Fleet 1 requires that the helmsman be either an Owner or Skipper member in good standing (see Fleet 1 bylaws I.F.2 and I.E.2). A new “Expired Memberships” page is now included on this website. Links to this page can be found at the top of the “Members Roster” page, and near the top of the “Fleet1 > Divisions” page.

Helmsman who race in High Point, or Rain or Shine, races will not be scored by Fleet 1 if their membership is expired. High Point race scores are used for awarding the High Point trophies at the end of the season, and for promotion, re-qualification, and demotion between the A, B, and C divisions. Please also note that the organizing authority of a race or regatta may reject an entry for an event under RRS rule 76.1 if it is known that the entrant is not a member in good standing.

We encourage all Fleet 1 members to keep your membership current. If you are included on the “Expired Memberships” page, please renew the membership using the “Members > Membership Renewal” page. All renewed memberships will expire on February 1, 2019. As such, the payment amount will be prorated by the number of days remaining between when you renew and 2/1/2019. Please note that if you pay by check, your “Expired” status will not change until the check has been received, and manual steps to change the status in the database are completed.

Alternatively, you can delete your membership by clicking the “DELETE ACCOUNT” link on the “Members > My Account” page.

We appreciate your cooperation.

The Membership Committee of the Fleet 1 Board of Directors

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