Online Learning now Available

I have often been asked whether my classroom seminars are videoed. The answer is yes, but not for the purpose of releasing unedited footage, Rather the intent has always been to edit the raw video and use it as content for self-paced online courses. Two are now available:

Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing    6 hours 8 minutes


RIGHT OF WAY                                                            34 minutes

GENERAL LIMITATIONS          `                                   1 hour 40 minutes

AT OBSTRUCTIONS                                                    55 minutes

AT MARKS                                                                   1 hour 50 minutes

THE START                                                                  29 minutes

SUMMARY                                                                  9 minutes

Boat Handling & Sail Trim          5 hours 29 minutes

AERODYNAMICS         20 minutes

SAILING THEORY         1 hour

SAIL SHAPE                  1 hour 40 minutes

DEMONSTRATION      51 minutes

SAIL TRIM                    38 minutes

BOAT HANDLING        1 hour

The courses include a PDF copy of the course book.

To access the online courses, click here.

The upcoming Strategy & Tactics seminar on January 21 at BCYC will also be recorded, and an online course will be released in the future. If you are in the Fleet 1 area and plan to attend this event, please note that this is NOT a rules seminar. “Strategy” is about getting around a course as quickly as possible, and “Tactics” is about how to implement your strategy in the company of all the other boats, i.e. it is about boat-on-boat interactions – which are dependent on the rules. If you do not have a good working knowledge of the rules, completing the online course in advance would greatly enhance your enjoyment and ability to understand the information presented in “Strategy & Tactics”.

I you avail yourself of these learning resources, I would be very interested in your feedback. Please see free to contact me:

Peter Haynes

Harbor 20 North-South Challenge Regatta for West Coast Sailors

Fleet 4 is excited to be the host for this year’s Harbor 20 North-South Challenge on July 21-23. We are looking forward to having you come and enjoy beautiful Santa Barbara and have some fun sailing Harbor 20s (or as we like to call them – Ocean 20s) with spinnakers.

Twelve boats with 24 racers, divided equally between the North and South teams, will compete in races over two days (July 22nd and 23rd) after a practice day on July 21. This event will be sailed as part of the SBYC Fiesta Cup. There will be other classes racing with us.

Boats will be assigned by random draw at the Skipper’s Meetings before each day of racing. Skippers and crews will rotate boats, which means that the boats used by one team on day one will be randomly assigned to the other team for day two racing and vice versa. Each competing boat will have an owner’s representative on board in addition to the two racers.

• Friday – July 21st

2 – 5:30 pm – On-shore spinnaker clinic, practice sail and practice races

6 pm – Welcome Dock Party hosted by Al Salzer at the SB Harbor (dinner and drinks)

• Saturday – July 22nd

10 – 11 am Event check-in, Beach Party guest ticket and Shirt sales (SBYC)

11 am – Competitor’s Briefing and Boat Draw (SBYC)

1 pm – Racing starts

6 pm – Fiesta Cup Beach Party at SBYC (Dinner and drinks)

• Sunday – July 23rd

10:45 am – Boat Draw (SBYC)

12:30 pm – Racing starts (no races will be started after 3:30PM)

After Racing – Awards Presentation (appetizers and drinks) at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club

• There are many hotels, motels and B&B’s in Santa Barbara. If you would like a recommendation, please contact regatta chair Geoff Slaff (
• If you are interested in housing with a Fleet 4 member, please contact Gary Thorne (

Other Stuff:

• If you are interested in being part of the North team, please contact Geoff Slaff (  If you are interested in being part of the South team, please contact Gary Thorne (
• Regatta fee of $285 will include the use of the boats, ability to attend the Friday dock party for competitors and their guest, two tickets per team for Saturday’s Beach Party, and awards.
• Additional tickets for Saturday’s Beach Party will be available for $25 at check in. Guests of the competitors are invited to attend Friday’s dock party at no extra charge.
• We are a casual bunch here in Santa Barbara, so you are welcome to attend the social events in sailing attire.

For the Notice of Race click here.

Fleet 4 looks forward to seeing you!