H20 Flotilla for Lee Sutherland – Need a ride?

Win & Carlita Fuller will be joining the flotilla in their Santa Cruz 50 “Rocket”, and invite anone who would like to join them. Contact Win at 949-673-1568 for departure information.

We have also heard that Jon O’Donnel will be at NHYC in his 65 ft Powerboat from 8:30-9:30, and also invites passengers.

We are hoping to see a bunch of H20’s, as that is what Holly thinks Lee would really have liked. Warren Duncan will be along in a Grady White safety/tow boat, so we should have all bases covered. Rendevous is at 10:00 at BYC.

For informationĀ on the flotilla for Lee, please see the previous posts on the homepage.

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