Fleet 4 Executive Committee Meeting December 15 2015

– – – APPROVED – – –

14 January 2016





Call to order: Endless Summer Cafe, Fred Rice, Fleet 4 Captain presiding. Present: Bill Bench, Geoff Slaff, Thomas Wright, Morgan Green, board members; J.J. Jeffries, webmaster.


Minutes of October, 2015: Accepted without correction.


  1. Officers for 2016. Review of Class Rules and fleet rules. Consensus agreement, unanimous, that the present board volunteer as candidates to serve for a 2nd year, with Geoff Slaff volunteering for the new duty of assistant to the Fleet Captain. The expectation is that Geoff would volunteer as a candidate for Fleet Captain for 2017. The hope is for another board member to volunteer as his assistant and, in turn, volunteer as a candidate for Fleet Captain. The above was agreed as allowed within Fleet 4 and Class rules to help ensure leadership continuity, the sharing of institutional expertise, as an educational help to any new incoming board members, and to avoid the constant need to recruit new officers from the fleet’s relatively small membership.


The above was determined by consensus to comply with Fleet 4 Bylaws, I.D.2 and I.D.3


  1. Election of board. Bylaws require the election by Feb. 1. The current board volunteered to be candidates. A notice will be circulated to the fleet to announce these candidates, and ask for other nominees to notify the Fleet Captain by Jan. 12. The election will be via email, will be a secret ballot, with fleet secretary Morgan Green to send email ballots out, receive votes back, and count the votes. The top five vote-getters will be confirmed as the new 2016 board.


  1. Future board phasing: Consensus to later discuss whether phasing in new board members (with staggered terms) and or a formal Fleet Captain “in training” duty should be considered as bylaw changes.


  1. PHRF. Fred reported from the SBYC Sail Policy Committee that Harbor 20s would be given their own start in the Hot Rum SBYC series, if four boats enter, but would not qualify for the traditionally PHRF event trophies. Discussion, with: Motion by Morgan Green, second by Geoff Slaff: The Fleet 4 board will take no position on PHRF certificate racing by fleet members. Approved unanimously.


  1. Fleet Budget. Treasurer Geoff Slaff reported the fleet has $2,256.95, with expectations of collecting another $1,300 in dues for 2016 for a total of $3,556. Fred will submit an invoice of $17.28 for trophy engraving. Expected expenses: Wayne volunteered to pick up the Fleet 4 party cost again this year.


  1. Perpetual Trophy. Needs to be engraved. Fred Rice will talk to Rich regarding this and look into the engraving.


  1. North/South Hosts. Set for Sept. 2-4. Five teams from each club will compete. (note: the entry fee at Newport was $400 per boat and $150 for guests at meals, etc.) Fred suggests work start on this right after New Years. Geoff reports we are in good shape for this event. Fred will seek a chair group to divide duties such as housing, trophies, registration, entertainment, T-shirts, race committee etc. Fred has already reserved the beach by SBYC for a Luau. He foresees the same format as last year, a cocktail party and registration Friday night. Friday P.M. a checkout race. An evening luau. Sunday trophy presentation. He will seek volunteers at the next general fleet meeting.


  1. Ullman sails. J.J. is to check the website to make sure the bylaw pertaining to sails is properly posted, and to make sure dimensions of sails, including spinnakers, is also on the site as a members’ reference as a courtesy.


  1. 2016 championship races. Motion to keep the same races as in 2015, including events sponsored by the Santa Barbara Sailing Club.


  1. Fleet Party. It is scheduled for Feb. 13 at Wayne’s, with Leslie Deardorff to coordinate.


  1. Party Possibility: Fred says he can possibly host a Fleet 4 picnic at sunstone vineyards on April 16. Will seek feedback at the next general fleet meeting.


  1. Next Fleet 4 general meeting will be Jan. 14.




– – – END – – –

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