Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes 27 January 2016

– – – APPROVED – – –

(1 February 2016)




JAN. 27, 2016


CALL TO ORDER: Fred Rice presiding. Present, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Ann Hutchins, Thomas Wright, Bill Bench, Jane Barrett, Kathleen Bauschke, Dale Zurawski, Sandra Denton, Tom Kelleway, Rich Miller, John Jeffries, Ken Kieding


  1. Election Results: Morgan Green reported the election results. 13 boats cast votes by email. The five nominees with the most votes were Fred Rice, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Tom Wright and Ann Hutchins.


  1. Board Officers: Fred opened nominations for Fleet Captain. Ann nominated Fred. Geoff seconded the motion. Approved by newly elected board by voice vote. Geoff nominated Morgan Green as Recording Secretary. Fred Rice seconded the motion. The board approved by voice vote. Morgan Green nominated Geoff Slaff as Treasurer, Tom Wright seconded the motion, with approval by voice vote. Tom volunteered to be Measurer. Geoff seconded the motion, approved by voice vote. Tom Kelleway volunteered to assist him.


  1. Webmaster: Fred asked John “J.J.” Jeffries to continue as webmaster. J.J. agreed, and was confirmed by voice vote.


  1. General Discussion: Fred thanked all the nominees for running. Geoff suggested that the board make it a practice to take issues requiring board decisions first to a fleet wide meeting where Owner Members could discuss and cast advisory votes to suggest proposed solutions. Subsequently, the board would meet, discuss and vote on the issue as per Fleet Four bylaws.

Geoff proposed the above procedure for discussion at the next Fleet Four general meeting.


Ann and Geoff recommended publishing a calendar of meetings for the year. Ann recommended a reminder date for the next meeting be announced and included in the minutes of each meeting.


  1. Items for the next Fleet Four general meeting: See item four above. Also, a Fleet Four weighing event, with proposed dates and procedures and details of gear required. Fred is to send out the proposed dates before the meeting, along with a list of equipment to be aboard for the weighing. He will call for volunteers at the meeting to assist on the weigh day. Ken Keiding is to help with the event regarding the scales to be used.


A series of match races will be put on the fleet meeting agenda for discussion, as per a request by Rich Miller.


  1. Friday night starts practice: Ken Keiding volunteered to host a series of Friday evening short races, with the emphasis on starts. Ann Hutchins volunteered to coordinate with him and be the contact person for fleet members who want to take part.


  1. Next Fleet Four general meeting: After discussion, the meeting is scheduled for Feb 11, 5:30 p.m. at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club.


Adjournment 5:38 p.m.


– – – END – – –

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