Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes September 17th, 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

17 September 2020


Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Caroline Kavanagh, John Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, Bill Hahn   

2020 Long Term Proxies:

  YACHT                                     OWNER                                    PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Call to Order: 5:40 p.m.
  2. Old minutes were approved.
  3. Website: JJ said that the Winners/Trophies were up to date and asked for any comments/corrections.
  4. Geoff reported on the Treasury:
    1. Balance is $2743.42.
    1. $500 was spent on the Miramar Anchor-Down Race.
    1. Still have enough for a 2020 party.
  5. Rich reported on Association/National level:
    1. The legal issue is not settled partly because of COVID slowdowns (details omitted purposely).
    1. The Nationals Championship is tentatively scheduled for May 2021 in Annapolis.
    1. The East-West Challenge is tentatively scheduled for October 2021 in New Port.
  6. Voting proxies for this meeting: none.

Old Business & Action Items

1.  Fleet Bylaws submission of items to clean up/modify (Lee to stimulate process). See new business items: Hiking and Membership.

2.  Sling for Fleet add to scale equipment (Lee report) Lee and Rick Yabsley purchased sling wants to try it out and will give feedback to fleet prior to recommending Fleet purchase.

3.  Fleet trailer idea/pool information (Tom Wright). Tom was absent from meeting.

4.  Contact Dave Ullman regarding chalk talk or on water sail trim class (Lee action). Lee did not do this prior to meeting however several members gave feedback on subject: J-70 on water training by Ullman not what they had hoped for…time and money better spent on learning rules.

New Business & Action Items

1.  2020 Party:

  1. Morgan suggested we might consider using the SBYC palapa bar for a venue.
    1. Geoff suggested we wait till January 2021 if it gets too difficult to have the party.
    1. Geoff further suggested we use the planned party money for an outdoor fun race/party activity such as another single-handed race.
    1. Rich commented that if we do have the party in January and we are still under COVID restrictions, we have the function outside from 1300 – 1700. In addition Rich offered his house as possible venue.
    1. Lee suggested we cast a wider net and look for input from the rest of the               Fleet.    

2.  Hiking:

  1. Morgan expressed a concern for crews pushing our hiking allowance to the limit and hiking their torsos clear out of the cockpit for upwind sailing.
  2. Rich related a discussion with Tom Schock that hiking allowances may seriously degrade the class intent.
  3. Rich brought up that if we pull back our hiking allowances we will need to allow for short periods of hiking or reaching for roll-tacking, kelp clearing, and spinnaker flying.
  4. Geoff brought up that for firm enactment of rules we have to be ready to      protest
  5. Lee encouraged all to focus on improving our own Sailing skills and rule knowledge to improve our results verses focusing on creating new rules to slow others down.
  6. Al felt strongly that hiking rule must be observed and if not, it should be taken to the protest room.
  7. Action Morgan is to write new hiking rule to better define intent and will present to fleet.

3.  Membership:     

 Morgan brought up the need to clarify whether Fleet 4 non-members can race. Also, defining Class membership might be needed. Which rules do they follow? Will SBYC and SBSC clearly define all applicable bylaws in NOR’s and SI’s?  Action: Rich Miller to research Centennial Cup bylaws/rules to insure that Fleet 4 membership is requirement to represent Harbor Twenty Class in Centennial Cup Regatta.

4.        Geoff is canceling his monitoring of non-spinnaker classes for lack of interest at end of Wet Wednesday Season.

5.        Rich asked for feedback on actual performance of North sails on the Tachy boats. No one at meeting could provide feedback.

6.        Lee suggested more single-handed racing next year, perhaps to incorporate with the SBSC Bugay race, H-20 single-handed champion. Lee also suggested double-handed champion, Lee will work this, possibly to get it included with the SBYC double-handed race schedule.

7.        Geoff reminded all of possibly creating Fleet 4 safety requirements such as flotation requirements, bigger anchors, ladders, etc.

8.  Bill Hahn suggested a refining of boat weight requirements to remove special battery weight replacement if the total boat weight is over minimum. Rich reminded all that weight must be distributed in accordance to Class rules.

9.  Next meeting:  Thursday, October 15th 2020 5:30 pm.

Meeting Adjourned 6:47 p.m.

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