Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes October 22, 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

22 October 2020


Rich Miller, Morgan Green, John Jeffryes, Lee Cushman     

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                            OWNER                                      PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

One Time Proxies:

      YACHT                             OWNER                                         PROXY

Pleione II                               Geoff Slaff                            Rich Miller (attached below)

Call to Order: 5:40 p.m.

Old Business & Action Items

  1. 2021 Party:

Rich said that he and Cheryl are up for putting on the party.  Rich took the action to come back with a suggested date.

2.  Hiking Rule:

Lee suggested Morgan to come up with a proposal for a bylaw change to vote on for the next meeting. Morgan’s research led to her suggestion that we eliminate the Fleet 4 hiking allowances and revert to the basic Class rules. Morgan read parts of the Class rules and all parties discussed. Morgan took the action to draft up a proposition to vote on, and immediately followed up with the suggestion to remove the Fleet 4 hiking exception, Rule I.4 (attached below).


3. Invoking Class Rules:

Morgan asked how our Class rules and Bylaws are normally invoked. Rich stated that he already had the action to discuss with Brad the membership rules and would also discuss how Class and Fleet 4 bylaws are brought into play for various regattas. Discussion followed on various paragraphs of the Bylaws that would be impacted. Morgan and Rich and others present with Lee summarizing, agreed that the best approach for now and for voting into the Bylaws at the next meeting would be: All Fleet 4 Harbor 20 one-design races in Santa Barbara County will be Class races with Fleet 4 Bylaws applicable.

>>> Rich and Morgan took the action to fine tune these words and forward to Lee.


4. Single-Handed and Double-Handed Champions:

Lee suggested and there was general agreement that Fleet 4 should have two annual awards: one for the Fleet Single-Handed Champion and one for the Fleet Double-Handed Champion. These might be awarded to the Harbor 20 winner of the SBSC Bugay Single-Handed Race, and the SBYC Double-Handed Short-Handed Regatta. Specifics to be discussed in the future.

5.  North Sails: Lee suggested that Wayne be asked to take the sample North main and jib out of circulation for all racing events until fleet accepts change. If Wayne is agreeable Fleet members could try sails if desired in non-racing conditions or CHRF races. The report on these north sails is they are better shape and could be more economical as life span could be longer.  Action: Lee to discuss with Wayne.

>>> Next meeting:  Thursday, November 19th 2020 5:30 pm.

Meeting Adjourned 1830.

END (of Minutes)


One Time Proxy:

Re: Fleet 4 Agenda for Thursday

Geoffrey SlaffTue, Oct 13, 1:58 PM
to JJ, Lee, Morgan


I will not be at the fleet meeting since I need to cover the class meeting which is at the same time. There is no change in treasurer’s report from last meeting. I wasn’t planning on sending a new spreadsheet since there is no change so please let me know if you would like me to do so. 

Rich Miller has my proxy.

All the best,

Geoffrey Slaff
Cell: 805-796-3100


Bylaw Proposal:

Morgan Green Email on Hiking Rule Proposal:

proposed modification to Fleet Four bylaws


morgan greenThurs. 22 Oct. 2020, 6:21 PM
to Lee, JJ

As we discussed at the meeting and as you requested:

 I propose:

We revoke Fleet Four bylaw I.3, which states: ” All crew shall keep their hips within the confines of the cockpit at all times excepting the need for immediate repair or safety.”

This revocation would mean Fleet Four would revert to the existing Harbor 20 Class Association rule which states:

II.C.4. Hiking is not permitted. All crew shall keep their torsos within the confines of the cockpit at all times, excepting in the need for immediate repair or safety.

Please let me know if you need anything further on this.  Seeya on the water this Saturday. Morgan


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