W.D. Schock and Harbor 20 Class Association Sign Cooperation Agreement Resolving Disputes and Focusing on Delivering Exceptional Sailing Experiences for Harbor 20 Sailors

Newport Beach, California –W.D. Schock Corp. and the Harbor 20 Class Association announced that they have signed a cooperation agreement resolving their prior disputes and focusing on delivering exceptional sailing experiences for Harbor 20 sailors.

W.D. Schock Corp. is the originator of the Harbor 20 yacht and has manufactured the Harbor 20s since the late 1990s.  The Harbor 20 Class Association is a voluntary association of boat owners and sailors whose goal is to promote enjoyment, one-design racing, day sailing, and other social activities among Harbor 20 Yacht owners and sailors.

To maintain fair racing among Harbor 20s and to control and promote the Harbor 20 as a one-design racing yacht which can also be conveniently used for day sailing, W.D. Schock and the Association agreed on the processes that will be used to ensure that Harbor 20s all have the same design characteristics so it is the skill of the skipper and crew in tuning, maintaining and racing the yacht are the major factors in the outcome of a race.  

W.D. Schock and the Association also agreed to cooperate in holding an annual Class Championship with the objective of qualifying the Class as eligible to hold a World Championship when the World Sailing requirements can be satisfied.

The cooperation agreement establishes clear processes for the Association and W.D. Schock to communicate on issues of importance to the Company, the Association, and current and future Harbor 20 sailors.

W.D. Schock President John O’Donnell and Association President Patrick Shannon issued a joint statement on the agreement:

“We are pleased to have signed an agreement that reflects our individual and joint focus on delivering exceptional sailing experiences for current and future Harbor 20 sailors. W.D. Schock is committed to building new and refurbished Harbor 20s and delivering boats to interested buyers in the U.S. and internationally. The Association is committed to promoting the continued enjoyment of Class Yachts in fair, Corinthian, one-design racing, in day sailing, and other social activities, and to promote friendship among owners and crews.  Our shared commitment is to have as many happy Class Yacht sailors as possible out on the water enjoying sailing and having fun.”


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