Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes June 17, 2021


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

17 June 2021


2020 Long Term Proxies:

TachyTooWayne RosingGreg Hopkins

One Time Proxies:

Pleione IIGeoffrey SlaffLee Cushman


  • Call to Order: 5:30
  • Approve May Meeting minutes:
  • Geoff to provide the treasury report: Geoff was not in attendance. Lee Reported no change from May
  • Rich report on National Class News:
  • Do we have a quorum? No

Old Business (Carried over from May 20 2021 Minutes)

  • Trophies

Provide trophies for the 2020 Fleet 4 Single-Handed and Double-Handed champions.  (Lee Single Handed, Jeff double Handed)  Action: To Be Continued (TBC) to provide trophies

  • Chalk Talk

RULES by Brad Schaupeter 6/17 Update Brad Not Availible 6/19 Action: Bill Hahn

Bill Will follow up with Brad for perspective Dates

  • End of year Party. Rich Miller Hosting 6/19 5:00pm

6/17 Update Invite crew and potential new members. Group Discussed Following up with prospective new Owners and current crew to invite to party and give numbers to Rich

  • Sails

Continued discussion of pursuing better Sails for our fleet. Parameters that the Group has general agreement on is price, viewed as initial cost and longevity and the ability for all fleet members to trim sails. Bill Hahn, Lee, have volunteered and those present agreed that Rick Yabsley would be able to offer good input as he has done a lot of research. 6/17 update Fleet 1 looking at North sails, Lee spoke with Rick mildly interested Action: Lee to follow up with Fleet 1, Lee mentioned that Fleet1 was currently undergoing same process and would check into see what progress they had made. Rich mention that their sail requirements will likely vary from our as we sail in different Conditions.

  • Safety Equipment

Lee reported that Geoff Slaff has almost completed the task of creating a Fleet 4 suggested safety equipment list. Jeff to Lead Discussion Jeff had unexpected family matters to attend to.

  • Interested Potential H20 Boat owners.

Trey Pinner (current J-70 owner) Lee, Jane & Tom following up with him. Lee had Trey Pinner and his wife Nancy out on CHRF race, Trey was on the helm, Nancy crewed.

Tony Papa is interested: anyone who has the opportunity is encouraged to follow up. Lee Followed up with Tony in person and invited him to sail a CHRF. Tony followed up with a text saying that he was interested but now is not the timing as he was three boats that he and his son are involved with. He would keep in touch.

Jeff Mikeska is interested and is trying to find a slip before proceeding with purchase: anyone with a lead should get in touch with him.

Al Salzer is looking for a partner. Post meeting addition to notes GT has taken al up and will be Campaigning Fleur.

  • National Class Roster

Send Fleet 4 roster to National Class Captain Gary Thorne. Action Greg & JJ

New Business

  • Seashell Fleet Request to take some skippers out for a sail. Discussion action Item Lee.

On The Water

  • Fiesta Cup Saturday & Sunday July 24 & 25( Fleet Championship Race)
  • Miramar Anchor Down Race Saturday July 31 ( change to September 25th Rick & Nina Yabsley to coordinate)
  • SBSC Co-Ed Race Saturday August 7

Rich Suggested adding this race to our Fun race Calendar.  3 race series, all three crew take turns

  • Bugay/H20 Single handed championship Sunday September 12

Action: TBC to organize finish

  • East/West in Newport 1st weekend October (Attendance Rich is coordinating with Gary of Fleet1)
  • H20 Double handed championship Saturday November 20


Next meeting (In Person at SBYC)

Thursday, August 19, 2021 1730 (5:30 p.m.)


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