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February/March, 2023

Ahoy Harbor 20 Sailors! The racing season kicks off in earnest with the W.D. Schock Memorial Regatta.  If you are a new or seasoned C class sailor, a new C class boat owner or non-boat owner, Fleet 1 members want to see you out on the water.  Fleet 1 offers many opportunities to meet your class members with clinics to attend, sailing events just for C class, and various fun, social events with great food, drinks and camaraderie.    

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W.D. Schock Memorial Regatta on Feb 18th-19th at Newport Harbor Yacht Club

1:00 pm First Warning; Location – Turning Basin (Five Points Area); Register on-line by Feb. 13th ($40.00) after Feb. 13th ($60.00).  Please come and join your fellow competitors after the race at Newport Harbor Yacht Club for refreshments, socializing, and getting to know your fellow C sailors on the Bay. 

Schock Regatta History

This regatta commemorates W.D. “Bill” Schock, founder of W. D. Schock Company, the builder of many great sailing classes in Southern California, such as the Lido 14’s, Schock 35’s, and many more. Bill’s son,Tom, took over the company and was the first builder of our great Harbor 20 class. The story goes that a group of seasoned sailors were in the bar one night at Newport Harbor Yacht Club and asked Tom to build a comfortable boat, one that was easy to sail, where no one would get wet or roll out of the boat.  Tom’s brother, Steve, designed the first Harbor 20 and launched it May 1st, 1997 with Sail #1.  The original boat currently belongs to a NHYC member. 

The Regatta started 20 years ago when Tom desired to have the First Major Regatta of the season on the Bay.  Tom and his wife, Jane, his First Mate and High School Sweetheart, retired to Montana 10 years ago where they continue to sail their Harbor 20.

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Southern California MidWinters on Feb. 25th-26th at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club

1:00 pm First Warning; Location – Turning Basin (Five Points Area); Register on-line by 12:00 p.m. Feb. 24th ($45.00)  Remember to return to Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club after the races for refreshments and socializing.

For the event page click here.

Lorin Wiess # 1 on March 5th at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club

1:00 pm First Warning; Location – Turning Basin (Five Points Area); Register on-line by 9:00 a.m. March 5th ($36.00).  Please come and join your fellow sailors afterwards for conversation and refreshments at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. 

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Clinics and Seminars:  Check Out These Events!  We Hope To See You There!

H20 Sailing Clinic Presented by Harbor 20 Fleet & Lido Isle Yacht Club

Clinic dates: March 11th, April 22nd, and May 20th

This series of 3 clinics will teach sailing fundamentals, and progress thru the development of skills for good boat handling and racing. Each one of the clinics offers a chalk talk by an experienced sailor in the morning and sailing and coaching with an experienced class mentor in the afternoon.  Cost: 3 Clinics – $100.00; 1 Clinic – $50.00.  9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. at Lido Isle Yacht Club.  Food and Beverage provided. 

For more information contact Bob Yates at bobyates@roadrunner.com

For the event page click here.

 “Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing” on March 18th at Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club

Understand and learn the racing rules of sailing and how to get around the course without incident with Peter Haynes.  A one day seminar, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  8:15 a.m. – Registration and Continental Breakfast .  Lunch included.  You are provided with a course material book to take home and review at your leisure.  Registration by March 11th ($120) and after March 11th ($130). 

For the event page click here.

On the Horizon:

Look for this monthly C Class Newsletter.  Fleet 1 wants to get to know you.  The Newsletter will list upcoming events to attend with your fellow C Class sailors and  a sailing/racing tip entry provided by “Mr. Harbor 20.”  Also, Newsletters will include how to navigate the Fleet 1 website.  Take advantage of all that the website offers!

“C’s the Day” on April 29th at American Legion Yacht Club

Harbor 20 fleet building event for newcomers.  Save the date!  More information coming in the next Newsletter. 

Fleet 1 Website Navigation:

Check out our website, Harbor20.org, providing you with all things H20 and valuable information about your Fleet.  For example, you can see which division (A,B, or C) each skipper is currently assigned. Log onto Harbor20.org and navigate to ”Fleet 1 – Newport > Divisions,”  or just click here.   Find out which Class or Division each skipper is currently assigned.   The term “Class” and “Division” are interchangeable. Familiarize yourself with who qualifies as an “A” or “B” skipper from your Club.  Watch them out on the water.      

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