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News From New Orleans: A Budding Harbor 20 Fleet

Harbor 20 fun keeps growing everywhere these days. Al Salzer and his niece Mary Salzer, are the sparkplugs for a budding New Orleans Fleet of Harbor 20s.

Al was one of the founders of the popular Santa Barbara H20 Fleet. Mary is a accomplished sailor who is a 3 time winner of the prestigious Lorber Trophy.

Al and Mary run the French Quarter mainstay Deja Vu. You know if Al and Mary are starting a Fleet, there will be great food and good times.

deja Vu

The monthly magazine of Southern Yacht Club had a nice article on sailing Harbor 20s at Southern. If you are interested in participating in Harbor 20 fun New Orleans style, contact Al or Mary using the information in the article.

salzar boat

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Harbor 20 News: Bridging the Gap in Harbor 20s

Last month 18 women raced Harbor 20’s in two women’s regattas.

At our trophy party skipper Karen Cahill had an interesting conversation with long time member, 92 year old Elaine Iddings. Elaine was wishing she could go out for a sail and was sure that there were other women who sailed in their younger years who would like the opportunity to sail again. This idea blossomed with the organization of a plan called “Simply Sail”, headed up by Morgan Green.

SB - bridging the gap_1

The Harbor 20 is a perfect boat for this type of adventure.

So 10 days later on a lovely afternoon 7 Harbor 20’s and their owners showed up at the accommodation dock. Fourteen women, including Pat Hine and Elaine were assigned boats depending on their experience (some had none). We took off for a beautiful sail on the open ocean and many of the guests got a chance to drive. The day ended with wine and camaraderie at the Club.

It was a huge success!

SB - bridging the gap_2

In addition each guest made a $20 donation to the Youth Foundation. We will plan another “Simply Sail” in the Spring. Simply a winning event.

Thanks to all the Harbor 20 folks for their generosity.


Submitted by: Jane Watkins – Santa Barbara Fleet


One More Night…3 Epic Days in Santa Barbara

Something special happened over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend

spinnaker_far away

Billed as a simple North-South Regatta hosted by theSanta Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet, the 3 days became transformed into a magical event. Sailors and their friends who joined in on the fun will fondly recall the festivities for years to come as lifetime friendships were kindled.

 NorthSouth logo

After the Newport Fleet graciously hosted the event in 2012, Santa Barbara returned the favor at this year’s event hosted by the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. These sailors were determined to exceed Newport’s hospitality from the previous year.

party yacht club

Harbor 20 sailors revel in the chance to travel north along the coast to enjoy a weekend of fast sailing, fine wine, and fabulous parties.

For those that may be unfamiliar with Harbor 20 traveling regattas the unique way it works is this; the host fleet invites the traveling fleet to stay at their homes. The host fleet also lends the visiting sailors their Harbor 20s. With no need to de-rig, trailer, and then re-rig one can simply pack an overnight bag along with a housewarming gift.

Harbor 20 traveling regattas are unique affairs among sailboat racing. The host fleet lends their boats to the visitors. The host fleet also opens up their homes.

front view

Each Harbor 20 has a “third” crew member from the other Fleet that is randomly assigned. At a stroke, the fleets became mixed socially. Finally, no skipper from the host fleet is able to sail their own boat.

This helps to keep the racing fair, since everyone, both hosts and visitors, are sailing unfamiliar boats.

h20 3 no spin

Only 5 teams from each fleet were allowed to partake in the racing. Both fleets had some strict qualifying rules so only their best sailors participate. Family and friends also came along to participate in the fun.

california map

Friday –

Newport Sailors skipped out of work just a little early on Friday for a smooth drive up the coast.

While the Santa Barbara Fleet uses Asymmetric spinnakers in their sailing, Newport does not. Harbor 20 spinnaker training was therefore a must.

h20 2 closer up

Upon arriving a dockside spinnaker clinic led by Leslie Deardorf & Jane Watkins,introduced the Newporters to Asymmetric spinnaker sailing. Armed with the theory of hoist, gybe, and douse; the Newporters took to Harbor 20s for practice. Each boat had a local expert spinnaker sailor aboard. The Newporters returned to the dock confident and ready.

spin clinic

Friday Evening – The highlight of Friday was a New Orleans themed Dockside party hosted by Al Salazaar, owner of the French Quarter institution, Deja Vu


deja Vu

Complete with all the traditional southern favorites, Al’s team of Dee, Kelly, and Brian offered southern hospitality along with Legendary Gumbo, Margaritas, and music that had everyone moving.


Al’s daughter, Chanel hosted the event with charming southern grace.

karen cahill

Jane Watkins provided a tasty Thai noodle salad appetizer while Karen Cahill provided her spectacular corn bread that perfectly complimented the Louisana Gumbo.


Wine was provided by the legendary, Fess Parker Winery, and was the perfect beverage for these thirsty sailors.

yacht club_party

Good times continued late into the evening.


Al_s boat

Al’s after party aboard his beautiful Cheoy-Lee had many sailors up late enjoying great company, conversation, and fine drinks.

dinner conversation

Als after party

Despite the spirited competition expected the next day between North and South, there was plenty of mixing between the two fleets.

Perhaps, the mixing, of not only conversations but drinks as well, was an attempt to get the other fleets’ sailors to “over indulge,.” a calculated but friendly tactic.

dock party

In the morning the racers collected for breakfast on the club porch. The eagerly anticipated boat and team assignments were announced with fanfare. The “Thirds” met their teams for the day.

h20_going out

The wind gods decided to give the sailors some extra recovery time from the prior evening’s festivities by withholding the wind. The sailors remained on the club porch and socialized while waiting for the wind to build.

sbyc wood signage

The wind came in the late afternoon. The breeze freshened enough to get the boats moving nicely.

3 spinnakers

The race committee wisely set up short courses in the modest wind. The short courses kept the boats together. Tight racing was the norm.

Boats passed each other many times on the course.


Mark roundings were crowded and also very Corinthian.

The Newporters hoisted,gybed, and doused their spinnakers with panache. There was just enough breeze to become versed in the mysteries of Spinnakers.

 h20_spinnakers north_south

 The fleet standings were mixed at the end of the day. Neither fleet appeared to be in the lead. The scores were too close for anyone to be complacent about their position.

 spinnaker_close up

 The sailors easily put their Harbor 20s away after sailing.

There was much laughter as the sailors walked together back to the Club. Active socializing between fleets and boats was yet again the norm. A buffet dinner was served on the porch with tasty crab cakes as the highlight.

A gorgeous Pacific coast sunset was on display to delight the sailors.


 Long after the dinner was finished, laughter and good cheer continued late into the night.

Sunday –

 Everyone enjoyed a late breakfast. The wind gods favored the sailors. The breeze came up much sooner than the day before. The first gun went off on schedule as the breeze built all day, leading to perfect surfing conditions – 4 well managed races – extremely tight racing with 5 or more boats finishing less than 2 lengths apart –

 Everyone was having so much fun that Harbor 20s competitors even cheered each other on while surfing downwind.

h20 4 spins close up

After the races ended there was still quite a buzz about all the festivities from the weekend that none wanted it to end.

In fact, many of the Hosts asked their Newport guests to Stay Another Night and keep the party going. Fortunately, the next day was Labor Day. The Newporters and Santa Barbarians stayed up until the wee hours just plain having fun.

fleet friends_2

It’s clear when Harbor 20 sailors get together , it’s going to be epic.

 fleet friends

 A look ahead for next year…

 Santa Barbara will host the late summer 2014 Harbor 20 East-West Challenge. The Harbor 20 class leadership is in the final stages of coordinating a exact date for the East-West challenge. Sailors will want to clear their calendars for this event. Stay tuned to for details.

 The pressure is also on for the Newport Harbor 20 fleet to raise the hospitality bar even higher at next year’s North -South Regatta.

There is even talk of inviting other Harbor 20 fleets to join in on the fun by making the Santa Barbara Spinnaker Challenge a regular Labor Day weekend event on the Harbor 20 circuit.

rainbow spinnaker 

A big thanks to Kathleen Baushke, Jane Watkins, Karen Cahill, Brad Schaupeter, Peter Haynes, Emile Pilafidis, and Rolly Pulaski for organizing and coordinating this unique weekend. The 3 day long party would also not have been possible without the gracious hospitality of the Santa Barbara host families who opened up their homes to Newporters. Finally, special thanks are due to the Harbor 20 owners who lent their Harbor 20s to Newporters. They truly made this unique event a memorable one.

 The North-South festivities attracted sailors from all over. Everyone wanted to join in the fun. Even Roman Abramovich showed up to watch the Harbor 20s races !

mega yacht

Harbor 20 East / West Challenge – 2013

Owners of Annapolis Yacht Club‘s (AYC) newest fleet of one design boats, the Harbor 20’s, hosted their first East/West Sailing Regatta this past weekend. Forty-eight sailors representing four of the five national fleets participated. The East coast teams hailed from South Carolina Yacht Club (representing Fleet 3) in Hilton Head and Annapolis Yacht Club (representing Fleet 5). The West coast sailors flew here from Newport Beach, California (Representing Fleet 1) and Santa Barbara, California (representing Fleet 4).


The planned two day sailing event became an intense single day of racing when races were cancelled the first day due to lack of wind. Sixteen boats bobbed on the bay for 5 hours Friday morning waiting for enough of a breeze to pull off the 4 races that were scheduled.  The sailors were good natured and enjoyed cocktails and dinner in the Skipjack on a beautiful sunny evening regardless of the disappointing start to the East/West Challenge.


After a night of prayers to the weather gods, the race organizers were rewarded with a gentle breeze Saturday morning that built to 12 to 13 knots by the end of the day allowing the race committee to orchestrate  6 races between 11am and 4:30pm to make up for the day before.


At the awards banquet in the Commodore’s room later Saturday night the winners of the East West challenge were announced. Tom and Jane Schock from NHYC won first prize scoring nothing less than 2nd place in all 6 races. Second place was awarded to Skipper Eric Norman from SCYC.  Gary Thorne from BYC received third place and fourth place was given to Marshall and Susan Steele from AYC.


The winning Fleet was Fleet 1 of Newport Beach, followed by Fleet 3 of South Carolina, Fleet 5 of Annapolis and then Fleet 4 of Santa Barbara.  Most importantly, the winner of the East/West Regatta was the East Coast. The Annapolis Yacht Club will keep the trophy for six months and then send it down to Hilton Head for the remainder of the year.  At the conclusion of the weekend’s activities, Howard Brooks, Harbor 20 Fleet Captain expressed gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the event. “It was rewarding to have the East Coast win the trophy for the second time.  Judging from the comments of those who attended, I think it is fair to say that AYC and Fleet 5 have now set the pace for future East / West Challenges. I would especially like to thank all of our members who hosted out of town guests, those who allowed the use of their boats, and those who provided owners representatives for the races.”


Needless to say, hosting a Harbor-20 event such as this in just our 2nd year of Annapolis Fleet 5 existence was a big challenge and a new experience for our Harbor-20 owners.  It was  rewarding for us to work closely with George Anderson and his Race Committee team who did an outstanding job of conducting the races, and scoring the results.  Regatta Manager Linda Ambrose was a tremendous help in the registration and budgeting process and work closely with Annapolis Yacht Sales, who helped sponsor the event and with Weems & Plath who contributed to the awards, and keepsakes for the event. Putting this combination of talent together with our outstanding chef and banquet management team provided a winning combination that shined the spotlight on AYC as one of the nations truly great Yacht Clubs.


Our thanks also go’s to John and Marline Patmore, & Brooks Stallings for providing the support boat, to Pat Brooks for providing the host boat, and to Renee Kizziar for helping with the lunch program.  Without them and the many other people who helped with the program, we could not have had such a successful event.


Respectfully Submitted,

Howard Brooks & Cathie Trogdon



Annual Class Membership Dues

The annual Harbor 20 Class Association fees are now due. For membership for the 2012/13 year, the fees are due before March 1, 2013.

To save the costs of printing and mailing, we will be accepting the fees online. We will also be keeping on online roster of members which will further save costs in printing and distributing membership directories.  You will be able to “print on demand” a custom roster of your fleet or the entire Class Association.

Instructions for Joining or Renewing your Class Association membership

1. Pay your annual Class (and Fleet if applicable) membership fees on Join page located on the main menu.  Select the appropriate membership and provide your Boat Name and Sail Number (if you have one).

2. You will be taken to PayPal to pay with either your existing PayPal account, or you may choose to pay with your credit card. Just choose this option if you wish to pay with your credit card.



2.  After we receive your payment confirmation, you will receive an email from the Class Membership with instructions on how to login to your account and update your personal and contact information.


And that’s it.  Hopefully, simple.  Go to the Join Page Now.

East Coast Wins The Challenge

The  East / West Challenge Perpetual Trophy traveled from the East Coast to NHYC earlier this week, and now, it is headed back to the East Coast again. On day two of the Harbor 20 East/ West challenge, the weather was perfect, the wind was steady out of the South East at about 7-9 knots, the mooring field was clear of boats and moorings, and the dredger was no where to be seen. A very unique situation and one not seen at NHYC in decades. Heading into the day, the East Coast team of Fleet 3 (Hilton Head) and Fleet 5 (Annapolis) had an 8 point lead over the West Coast team of Fleet 1 (Newport Beach) and Fleet 4 (Santa Barbara).  But after 4 races on Sunday, and a total of 8 races, the East Coast team widened their lead and took the prize. Individual Winners

  1. Tom Schock (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)
  2. Scott Deardorff (Fleet 4)
  3. Karl Pomeroy (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)
  4. Lee Sutherland (Fleet 1)
  5. Ed Kimball (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)

East Coast Team

Fleet 3 – Hilton Head

Domenico De Sole, Joe Highsmith, Paul Miller, Peter Brower, Tom Webster, Ned Nelsen, Kevin Keogh, Marvin Carlson

Fleet 5 – Annapolis

Karl & Cole Pomeroy (Fleet 1); Ed Kimball & Anne Costello (Fleet 1); Marshal & Susan Steele; Tom & Jane Schock (Fleet 1)

West Coast Team

Fleet 1 – Newport Beach

Rolly Pulaski, Peter Haynes, Helen Duncan, Lee Sutherland, Nik Froehlich, Jeff Gordon, Tom Corkett

Fleet 4 – Santa Barbara

Richard Miller, Tom Kelleway, Chester Gillmore, Ann Hutchins, Scott & Leslie Deardorff, Al Salzer, Bill Bench

Full results can be downloaded here.



Complete online photo albums will be posted to this website once the photos become available.

East / West Challenges Kicks Off

The annual East / West Challenge kicked off Friday evening with a competitor check-in and reception at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club in Newport Beach.  Over 85 competitors, boat owners, race committee, housing hosts and guests are participating in the regatta which has grown this year to include four Harbor 20 fleets.

Representing the East Coast are Fleet 3 from Hilton Head and Fleet 5 from Annapolis. Representing the West Coast are Fleet 4 from Santa Barbara and Fleet 1 from Newport Beach.  Each Fleet has sent four teams (skipper and crew) for a total of 16 boats in the regatta. Additionally, each of the Harbor 20 boat owners is the “3rd crew” providing the team additional insight on “local knowledge” and familiarity with their boat.

The Friday reception, which included hosted beer and wine and a Taco Bar, allowed participants to meet and greet each other and discuss the upcoming regatta.






The format of the regatta is Fleet racing (not team racing as one may deduce from the name). Awards will be given to the top 5 individual competitors.  Additionally, the scores from all the competitors representing the East Coast will be combined and compared to that of the West Coasts fleets, and the lowest overall score will be awarded the East / West Challenge Perpetual Trophy.  Currently, Fleet 3 (Hilton Head) possesses the trophy by defeating Fleet 1 at Hilton Head.  This year is the first year that more than 2 fleets have participated in the East / West Challenge.

The regatta will consist of a planned eight (8) races over two days. The courses are place in the Harbor Harbor area adjacent to the yacht club docks making it easy and comfortable for spectators to watch the action.

On Saturday, the winds were pretty steady at about 7-9 knots out of the South/South West. As is usual in Newport Harbor, shifts and current provide for a challenging venue where local experience can give competitors an advantage.  The race committee was able to get off four (4) windward / leeward races, each about 35 minutes long.

At the end of the day, the East Coast leads with 268 points to the West Coasts 276 points. With only an 8 point spread, the challenge is close even as the second day of racing begins. The leaders in the individual competition is as follows:

  1. Tom Schock (sailing for Fleet 5) – 12 points
  2. Jim Kerrigan (Fleet 1) – 18 points
  3. Scott Deerdorf (Fleet 4) – 20 points
  4. Lee Sutherland (Fleet 1) – 22 points
  5. Karl Pomeroy (sailing for Fleet 5) – 23 points

After racing on Saturday evening, the out-of-town guests were treated to an hour-long guided tour of Newport Bay in the iconic “Duffy”, electric boats. Wine, cocktails and snacks along with commentary on the interesting facts and notable landmarks provided the background for this sunset cruise to Lido Isle Yacht Club for the Saturday Party.





Saturday was capped off with a festive party with a variety of food, live music, dance floor and hosted bar. There was a lot of energy left over from the day as was evident by the chatter, energy and plenty of dancing.

Sunday, racing begins at 1pm and will conclude with awards and an Awards dinner at the NHYC.

Pictures of the event will be added to this post and included in the final regatta wrap up post.

Shalhoob Women’s Invitational & Women’s Skipper Championship Regatta

Santa Barbara Yacht Club

October 9, 2011


Beautiful race conditions with breezes from 8 to 15 knots prevailed for the Shalhoob Women’s Invitational and Women Skipper’s Regatta at Santa Barbara Yacht Club on Sunday, October 9.

Nine Harbor 20s participated, each with at least two women and one male “sandwich maker” (just kidding) on board. I was lucky enough to have the chance to race with Sandra Denton and Eric Stokke.

Four races were held – two non-spinnaker races for the Shalhoob and two spinnakers optional races for the Skipper Championship. Several of the women skippers were first-time Harbor 20 sailors…they are GREAT boats.

The Shalhoob Invitational was won by Becky Harteck, followed by Krystal Treiberg (UCSB Sailing Team), third was Heidi Ziskind followed by Morgan Green, Sharon Green, Jane Watkins, Leslie Deardorff, Helene Webb and Karen Cahill.

The Women’s Skipper Championship was won by Kyrstal Treiberg with Mom and Pop crewing, followed by Leslie Deardorff, Becky Harteck, Sharon Green, Jane Watkins, Morgan Green, Helene Webb, Heidi Ziskind and Helene Webb.

It was breeze on for the Harbor 20s, with lots of tight mark roundings and exciting starts. In fact the first start was so aggressive that there was a general recall. Highly competitive Lady Sailors! And it was excellent that several gals raced with their children.

This was a great event – To be repeated next year.

Thanks to everyone who made it a successful event and party afterwards.

Jane Watkins, H20 Fleet 4



Santa Barbara’s First Annual Guacamole Regatta

Under perfect conditions the Santa Barbara Harbor 20 fleet enjoyed 12 to 15 knots of wind with flat seas in a very exciting 5-race regatta.

Sharon Green of Ultimate Sailing fame was on hand to snap some of the best pictures I’ve seen of the Harbor 20 Fleet.  Click here to view the album.

The race committee ran 4 windward –leeward races with one race that had a reaching leg.   The 11-boat fleet was very tightly matched.  Ken Kieding aboard “Holly Harbor”, Scott Deardorff on “Fling”, and Al Salzer aboard Fleur de Lis finished one, two three respectively.

Awards where given out and the fleet enjoyed a great potluck on the sand next to the club.

1 3 4 5 6