Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes October 27th, 2022

Harbor 20, Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes
OCTOBER 27, 2022 Location: SBYC

Meeting called to order: 5:40pm Notes taken: JMB

Attending: L. Cushman, G. Slaff, J. Jeffryes, T. Wright, J. Barrett, K. Dumain, B. Hahn, H. Webb, GT
J. Mikeska, S. Seal, R. Miller

Reports: Fleet Budget presented by Geoff Slaff and approved by all

H20 Fleet and Class Announcements:
Geoff Slaff was elected to the SBYC board at their annual meeting Wed night. Congratulations

Congrats to Bill Hahn and J.J. on winning the Harbor 20 class at the Globlin Regatta last weekend.

Registration open for Double Handed Race: Saturday November 19th. This is a great H20 race and we
have a beautiful perpetual Trophy for the first Harbor 20 to finish.

Holiday Regatta will be held Saturday Dec 3rd and is part of our season Championship Series.

There was general conversation about the SBSC triple handed race, with each member of crew on the
helm. Many considered this a fun format that we might want to consider using again in one of our
future H20 regattas.

Old Business/Action Items:
Following conversations that Lee Cushman has had w/ Ullman Sails, they have agreed to develop a set
of sails specifically for use by our SB fleet to test here in our location and conditions for the purpose of
comparing against our current Ullman design as well as a set of North Sails that will also be procured
for testing by our fleet. Lee will update us when sails have or will be arriving.

Any changes in manufacturers and/or specifications will be a fleet decision after there has been ample
time to receive and evaluate manufacturers designs. There will be an appropriate lead time given if
changes are made and no changes will be made before or during 2023 season.

GT agreed to format a spreadsheet that will incorporate the necessary metrics to be used by members
in order to document any of our individual findings when evaluating the prototypes.

Spinnaker Cloth weight was researched by Rich Miller. Our by-laws specify weight of spinnaker cloth be
not lighter that 43g per square meter and at 45g ours are within specs.

There was general discussion about spinnaker shape and understanding the ideal shape for our usual
upwind/downwind runs.

In the interest of time, it was agreed that scheduling of any additional Racing Tutorials will be handled by
the incoming fleet board.

Lee said that he needed to respond to Newport fleet captain with our decision on whether we will hold
N/S Racing event concurrent with 2023 Fiesta Cup as has been discussed numerous times. All present
voted yes, to do this and Geoff said he would be willing to head the race committee for the event.
Thank you, Geoff!

New Business:
H20 Class membership by our fleet remains low. All boast owners should ask their crew members to
join as a class member ($15) and those who are competing as skippers, even just occasionally should
be registered as class members. Geoff said that as fleet treasurer, he would go back to collecting the
class fee at same time as our fleet dues are collected.

The H20 Class has asked for feedback on the attached class Specifications information, see below.
There was some historical reference was discussed and general conversation took place primarily
about the variation in mast height and rake on various boats and why this has become controversial
within the class. The H20 Class board is trying to come up with the appropriate measurements that
will create an acceptable variance in mast height. It had also been discovered that some rudders had
been faired which is an unacceptable modification. If you have any questions or comments, please
direct them to Lee.

Lee will send out an email inviting volunteers and/or nominations for next years fleet board. If you
haven’t participated on the board recently or at all please at all please consider doing so.

Rich and Lee welcome any fleet member who may have an interest to let them know if they’d like to
serve as our fleet representative to the Class Board. Absent any volunteers they will continue to do so.

Next Meeting: TBD
Meeting adjourned: 7:15pm

Harbor 20 Mast
Rake Spec.docx

Harbor 20 Mast and
Boom Specs.docx

Harbor 20 Rudder

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