Harbor 20 Ocean Race – Take Two!

Planned Area of the Course

Based on the success of the first Harbor 20 Fleet 1 Ocean Race (read about it here), another Ocean race has been scheduled for the Harbor 20s Fleet 1.

The Harbor 20 races will be held along with the Crew of Two and Double Dash races on Saturday, July 23rd. The Harbor 20’s will have their own start at 1300 hours. There are 2-4 short windward / leeward races scheduled and awards at 1800 at the SSYC clubhouse along with the Double Dash awards.

A & B’s will be combined into one class for this regatta. Between 2-4 races are planned.

The cost is $20 (does not include the tee-shirt advertised in the online registration).

Register online today.

Ocean racing in a Harbor 20 requires extra precautions and experience, especially if winds are strong or if there are large swells. The race will be cancelled if conditions warrant. Beginners are advised to have experienced crew if they plan on participating. Only Harbor 20s with positive floatation are recommended. A “assist boat” will be on the course following the fleet at all times to offer assistance. It is recommended all participants bring a portable VHF radio for communications with the RC and Assist Boat.

Notice of Race

Online Registration

BCYC Taco Tuesday Amended Sailing Instructions

The Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club, OA of the Taco Tuesdays, has amended the Sailing Instructions.  The amended instructions can be downloaded here, or by going to the BCYC Taco Tuesdays website.

Section 1.4 was changed to prohibit PHRF boats from sailing in the moorings. The rule only applies to PHRF and not to the Harbor 20s.

Thanks to John Whitney for spearheading this effort, and to the BCYC Race Committee for accommodating the Harbor 20 Fleet 1.

BYC Midsummer Regatta Results

The results of the BYC Midsummer Regatta are available from the Balboa Yacht Club here or on our Harbor 20 Website here.

The regatta consisted of three races in a busy harbor with about 10 mph winds.

Winner of the A Fleet was Walter Johnson sailing Adrenalin (#300). Second place was Gary Thorne and third place was Guy Doran.

Winner of the B Fleet was Lee Sutherland sailing Why Not (#48). Second place was Kathy Sangster and third place was Tom Corkett.

Thank you Balboa Yacht Club for hosting this event and providing snacks afterwards.

Captain Kidd’s Treasure Found

Captain Kidd’s Treasure Chest was uncovered by John and Mary Whitney at the Stars and Stripes Regatta last Sunday. It was buried far below the sands of Lido Isle in an unknown cavern which runs under Balboa Bay. Finding it was not an easy task, for the treasure hunters had to uncover many clues that were left around the Bay, and follow them to the hidden location.

The Chest was full of loot, including beautiful jewelry, gold bouilon, knives and swords, Rum and wine, goodies, dock lines, and Harbor 20 dress wear. Everyone was envious of the winner, who shared the spoils with the many participants.

The Drayton family (George, John and John Jr.) was close behind, but they were mixed up on the final direction, and thereby missed the grand prize.

The spectacular Stars and Stripes Perpetual Trophy was awarded to John and Mary Whitney.  The awards for the best dressed young pirates were won by Cole Pomeroy and his friend in father Karl’s boat. The best dressed crew award went to Raleigh Pulaski’s girls—Mimi Barker, Donna Riggs, and Susan George. The best dressed Pirate award went to Kathy Sangster.

A festive celebration was held at the LIYC Club House that evening where all of the hunters could meet, partake of delicious rum punch and tell exciting “war stories” about their perilous adventures on the high seas. Kathy “Kidd” Sangster put on a good spread consisting of horduerves and barbequed hamburgers.  The biggest thank you of the day goes to Andy Binkerd for all his work on the creation of the classic Chest, and then filling it with all of the fantastic loot.  Good job Andy!

If you missed the Event, it’s too bad, for there is only one Captain Kidd’s treasure. However, Captain Morgan came this way in 1678, and may have left some treasure to find next year. See you then.


More pictures available here

Sail or Sink Event A Success!

Fleet 1 held their first “Sail or Sink” ocean race on May 21st.  Eleven boats reached the starting line near the Balboa pier in 7-10 knots of wind.  It was a perfect day of sailing and without a single Duffy or Wedding boat to deal with.  The boats all started off of the Balboa Pier and sailed upwind approx 3 miles to a bell buoy.  It was interesting as we rounded the bell buoy the TP52’s and others were finishing at the same bell buoy.  I am sure more than a few of them thought we were lost!  After racing all participants gathered for a burger bash and a few drinks.  Great stories were told and everyone in attendance said it was one of their most memorable H20 sails ever.  The finishing order was – 1st – Karl Pomeroy #262, 2nd – Steve Woodruff #300, 3rd Peter Haynes #201.  A number of bottles of wine were handed out as trophies.   Hopefully more races can follow in these perfect waters for our boats.


Friday Night Starts

Need to improve your starts? Join up with other Harbor20 Sailors on Friday Nights on the NHYC dock each Friday at 5:30pm for a chalk-talk, followed by a series of practice starts in the harbor.

The practice starts will be run by a yet-to-be-nameed sailing coach using 3 minute rolling starts (with occasional windward and leeward mark roundings thrown in) for approximately one hour.

The practice starts will be video taped. We will then meet in the NHYC Non-Calm room to watch the video, get feed back from the coach, and eat pizza.

No need to RSVP, just show up on the NHYC Dock on Friday at 5:30. The series runs May 13, 20 & 27.

Results of Lorin Weiss Memorial #2

A total of eighteen Harbor 20s participated in the 2011 Lorin Weiss Memorial #2 on Saturday, April 16th. Five races were completed with a toss out.

A Fleet

1st: Bill Menninger

2nd: Jim Kerrigan

3rd: Karl Pomeroy


B Fleet

1st: Guy Doran

2nd: Win Fuller

3rd: Dick Somers

This is Guy’s second High Point win in the B Fleet, qualifying him to race in the A Fleet.

Complete race results can be downloaded here.

Harbor 20 Sailors Key Ingredient to the Success of the Baldwin Cup

The Baldwin Cup: Over 120 races by 11 teams of 4 and 24 Harbor 20’s. The Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted one spectacular event!  Details of the Baldwin Cup and Plenty of photos can be found on the Baldwin Cup Website.

24 Harbor 20s with Colored Team Racing Jibs

Although the event was due to the coordinated effort of over 100 volunteers, a special recognition is appropriate for the boat owners of the Harbor 20 Fleet 1.  The owners donated 26 boats for the event and staffed much, if not all, of the “Dockside Crew” responsible for the preparation, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, event boat coordination and clean up of all 26 boats!

Fleet 1 Captain John Whitney along with Fleet 1 Measurer Warren Duncan led the effort to prep each Harbor 20 for the race, which included a wax/cleaning job, new jibs, bumpers installed, new main and jib sheets, tuning and complete top to bottom inspection and repairs to make all the boats ready for the Regatta.

Once the event started, and led by Warren Duncan as the Dockside Crew Captain, each morning each boat was dried, bilges pumped, cushioned placed, lines checked for frays, bumpers secured, main sails raised and lined up (by color) ready for the sailors.

Dockside Crew Doing A Quick Mast Drop to Retrieve a Snapped Main Halyard.

At about 5 minute intervals throughout the day, the crew would receive the incoming boats, ask the sailors about any needed repairs, and if needed, do quick repairs like an Indy Pit Crew, and assist the new team to board and shove off.


Eight boats times 50+ races a day = 400 arrival/departures per day the Dockside Crew handled. The Dockside Crew consisted essentially of volunteer Fleet 1 owners/sailors.

At the end of each day, each boat was parked securely and safely, dock lines secured, main sails neatly flaked, cushions stored, readied for another day of 1,200 + individual departures.

At the end of the event, the racing jibs, main sheets, jib sheets and bumpers removed and replaced with the owners sheets and sails.

To Dockside Crew:

As you can see from the attached emails, all your efforts were very much appreciated. I would like to add my personal thanks especially to all the volunteers from not only NHYC, but 50 percent of the crew was from other clubs.Once again the Baldwin cup was a great success.  BC 2011 became more than who won the beautiful Baldwin Cup.  After the finals Sunday everyone had smiles on their faces, EVERYONE HAD A GREAT TIME. It was the culmination of a great club, a great location, excellent boats, super guest accommodation, special catering, expert commentary, precision umpiring, and top quality race management.  One judge told me, even if we broke both his legs, this would not stop him finding a way to make it next year.What cannot be overlooked is the “keel” the event was built on is the preparation and reliability of the boats.   You assured this in the weeks, days and hours put in proceeding, during and after the event.  Better than 140 races without complaints and only one mid-race failure requiring a re-sail is testimony to your efforts. Thank you for your part in making this event special.

Warren Duncan Dockside Crew Chief


To All Volunteers, Team Racers and Staff,

Thank you so much for all of your hard work this past weekend and in the preceding months to make the Baldwin Cup a successful and fun regatta.  Your efforts and hospitality resulted in what has truly become one of the best regattas of the year.  Over the course of the weekend, I was approached by several team members from other clubs who told me that this was by far their favorite sailing event and that, if they had to choose only one regatta a year to sail in each year, it would be the Baldwin Cup.  This is a truly special event because of your efforts.  Sometime in the coming weeks I’d like to get the group together to debrief about what went well and what we may want to alter for next year (I don’t think that there is much here).  For now, I just wanted to let all of you know that it was a pleasure working and sailing with you.

See you on the water,

Adam, Race Committee Chairman



I second everything you all have said about what a great even it was.  I had a ton of fun.  Thanks Adam for putting together a great event.  It is very rare to have a volunteer boat crew there on the dock to catch your boat every time you come in and ask if everything is OK with the boats, then hold the boats while we step off to take a break.  I have never seen that type of service at regattas other than the Olympics, Pan-American games, world championships, etc.

That same boat crew was working hard last night from the time we stopped sailing until the sun went down, including Warren and Helen Duncan, John Whitney and family, Jon P. and Gale, Bill Menninger, Rolly Pulaski, Nik Froehlich and Kevin Hawkins.  They got about half way done with the 25+ boats before dark, so they are back down at the club today to finish it up and get the boats returned to the owners.  All this work was huge to allow us to have 11 teams at the event and the 2 NHYC teams.

Thanks guys!

Peter Wells, Newport Harbor’s Orange Team

The Dockside Crew Performs Another Quick Repair

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