Fleet 1 Warms Up for the Championship

The Harbor 20 Fleet 1 spend the the weekend on the water, tuning up, practicing and sizing up the competition in anticipation of the annual Class & Fleet 1 Championships to be held at NHYC next weekend.

On Saturday, the BCYC hosted the Harbor 20 Tune Up Regatta. Twenty-four Harbor 20s participated for a total of 5 races on an overcast, light/shifty wind day. Consistency was not the name of the game, with sailors ranging 1st places and 10th places in the same regatta. Carter Ford won for the A fleet while Lee Sutherland won for the B fleet. Results can be viewed here.

On Sunday, the NHYC hosted the Fall Schock Regatta. Thirty-two Harbor 20s participated on another overcast, light and shifty day of 4 races. The front of the A fleet had a very talented and competitive group of skippers, with Gary Thorne ending up with the 1st place for the A fleet. Kurt Wiese, a newcomer to the Harbor 20 fleet, easily took 1st place in the B fleet. The results are here.

Next weekend, NHYC will host the two-day Class & Fleet 1 Championships, which is the official end of the Harbor 20 season. Bill Menninger will be defending his 2010 A fleet victory while Karl Pomeroy, the 2010 B Fleet Champion – now in the A fleet, leaves the B Fleet Championship undefended.  Past A and B Fleet Champions can be seen here.

In addition to the Championship, next weekend will be the final races that count towards the coveted High Point Series Trophies. The High Point Trophies are awarded to the A and B Fleet skippers who have the best total score for the season in their respective fleets (requiring at least 75% participation in High Point events).  The current leader-board and previous winners can be viewed here and is current going into the championships.

Skippers that have not yet registered for the Championship are encouraged to sign up now, and online here. The current Entry List can be viewed here.

Ask The Judges – Preparation for the Championships

On Thursday, September 29, two days before the Championship, the H20 Association is sponsoring an evening called “ASK THE JUDGES” at 6:30 PM at NHYC. Certified judges will be present to answer any and all questions you might have about the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012. A whiteboard with magnetic boats will be used to help visualize on-the-water situations as they change over time.

Don’t go into the Championship with lingering questions about the rules. We will be entertaining questions such as:

1)     Can you have contact with another boat and not have broken a rule?

2)     If two overlapped, close hauled, starboard tack boats reach a windward mark to be left to port, does the leeward boat have to fall off at the mark, or can it continue to sail on, taking the windward boat with it?

3)     Can boats on opposite tacks be overlapped?

4)     If a boat running on port tack overlaps to leeward a boat running on starboard tack, and then jibes, does he (she) then have luffing rights?

5)     Does a boat which tacks from port to starboard inside the 3 boat length circle ever have rights to mark room?

6)     The committee boat is a mark and an obstruction. Is an inside boat, overlapped to windward, entitled to room at the obstruction before starting?

7)     Is a boat ever required to sail her proper course?

8)     Does a boat which is sailing above close hauled have to fall off to a close hauled course at the starting signal?

9)     Can you take a penalty turn anytime before the finish of a race to exonerate yourself of a rule infraction?



1) No

2) Yes or no, depending on how the overlap was established

3) Yes , if both are sailing more than 90 degrees from the wind

4) Yes

5) Yes

6) Yes, unless approaching the starting line to start (barging)

7) No

8 ) Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on how overlaps with adjacent boats were established.

9) No. A penalty must be taken as soon as possible after the time of the incident.


What’s your question? Come and get the answer. Find out once and for whether you were right or wrong in past incidents. This should be a really interesting and fun evening!

We hope to see you there!

Sail for the Visually Impaired

Saturday, October 15, 2011
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The American Legion Yacht Club will be holding their annual “Sail for the Visually Impaired” on Saturday Oct 15th. The ALYC will have around 100 to 200 guest and their guides from the Veterans Administration and the National Braille institute.

The ALYC  is asking if any of the Harbor 20 owners would like to participate and take Vets and Impaired folks out sailing.

About the SVI Event:

In 1990, members of WORSA took 15 blind people sailing on a 40-foot sailboat. Each year, they took more people out and enlisted more skippers to assist. It began to grow so large that it is now sponsored by WORSA, hosted by the American Legion Post 291 and organized by ALYC. Over 240 blind or visually impaired adults and their escorts will spend the day sailing with volunteers from around Newport Harbor, WORSA and the American Legion Post 291 Family.

Approximately 45 skippers and boats from the community are needed to participate in this worthwhile event.

Contact  Geoffrey Boyce <gboyce@ssreng.com>

Boomarang #178

Class Championship Participation Rules

The Fleet 1 and Class Championships are soon upon us. NORs and Entry is available already on the Championship Regatta Page.

The Championship Regatta has some special rules in effect regarding participation. Those rules are outlined in the Class Bylaws. The participation requirements are as follows:

II.D.1. Championship races are special events for boat owners. For Class Championships and Fleet Championships, the Helmsman must be an Owner Member who has been a member for over 60 days. In the case of multiple Owner Members, the Helmsman is the one who signs the entry form.

II.D.2. Boats that are racing must have been kept in the water continuously for 60 days prior to Class Championships and Fleet Championships.

II.D.3. The crew for Class Championship and Fleet Championship Series must be a person who meets the basic principles and intent of these rules (Section II.A.4), and they must have sailed in at least twelve Class Races in the same boat during the time period between the last Class or Fleet Championship Series and the Class or Fleet Championship Series under consideration. Paid professional sailors and full-time sailing coaches must have been retired for at least three full years.

II.D.4. Only the Helmsman shall steer the boat during a race except for momentary relief in non-tactical situations.

II.D.5. Hiking is not permitted. All crew shall keep their torsos within the confines of the cockpit at all times, excepting in the need for immediate repair or for safety.

II.D.6. It is intended that strict adherence to the rules specified in this section be maintained. However, a member with special circumstances, may petition the Class or Fleet Board for a variance in these II.D Rules using the provisions of I.D.15. This should be done well in advance of the event.

II.D.7. The Class or Fleet Measurer may require the first five finishers be inspected at the finish of each race.

II.D.8. The Main Sail is to be manufactured by Elliot Pattison Sailmakers, and the Jib Sail is to be manufactured by Ullman Sailmakers.

See you at the Championships!

Strategy & Tactics Seminar

The culmination of the High Point Series is coming up soon, with the Fall Schock Regatta, the Championship Tune-up and the Championship Regatta, followed by the beginning of the 2011-2012 racing season. Join us for this seminar, new for 2011, and get a better understanding about what is happening on the race course!

Click here for a course description   

Click here to register

For questions please contact Peter Haynes (H 949-631-8757, C 949-466-3971, peter.haynes@3ds.com).

Harbor 20 Summer Party Recap

And what a Summer Party Fiesta it was!  Lido Isle Yacht Club cleared its docks to welcome 31 Harbor 20 sailboats and about 117 Harbor 20 enthusiasts on a spectacular Sunday afternoon.  We had 12 boats that were new to our events and perhaps even racing for the first time.  So, after some basic rules and racing clinic time with Class President Peter Haynes, these new C Fleet skippers and guests had two races on the water.

Peter Haynes gives a pre-race "Clinic" for new racers of Harbor 20s


Meanwhile the nine As and ten Bs raced up and down the bay.  It was a beautiful sight to see all 31 Harbor 20s tied neatly at the docks thanks to LIYC Rear Commodore Carter Ford aka “Dock Master of the Day!”

Fleet 1 President, John Whitney and Crew

A Fleet Racer Ed Kimball with "Ride Alongs"

The after party found all of us at tables on the grass munching on Ensenada-style tacos topped off with frozen Margaritas while being serenading by Mariachis! Food and drink were the brainchild of our sensational Mindy Froehlich.  LIYC social maven Kathleen Sangster once again guided us to a beautiful setting of tables on the grass. Among the volunteers who carried the tables and chairs out and in were Andy Binkerd, Bob Yates, Roger Lockhart, Donna Martell and her son Chris, Judy Weightman, Konstantine of the Urals and other generous strong hands.  The Race Committee was chaired by Nik Froehlich and supported by Greg Hawkins, Andy Binkman & Warren Duncan.  Photographers included Bob Yates, Donna Griggs and Roger Lockhart.  Led by Fleet I Captian John Whitney, trophies were awarded to the following winners:

A Fleet Trophies:

1st Bill Menninger & Crew;  2nd Carl Pomeroy & Crew;  3rd Tom Corkett & Crew

B Fleet Trophies (as Awarded):

1st. Andy & Lori Everson & Crew; 2nd Win & Carlita Fuller & Crew; 3rd George & Phyllis Drayton & Crew

B Fleet Trophies (Corrected):

1st. Geoff Boyce & Cathie Murphy & Crew; 2nd Andy & Lori Everson & Crew; 3rd Win & Carlita Fuller & Crew

C Fleet Trophies:

1st Marvin & Kim Magee & Crew; 2nd Bill Macnamera & Dan O’Sullivan & Crew; 3rd Kimberly & Mary Whitney & Crew

Staff Commodore Phil Ramser gave us a brief history of our wonderful class of boats.

Phil Ramser addresses the Harbor 20 Crowd

We especially want to welcome the C Fleet Skippers who joined us: Gary Barmore, Marilyn Flint, Roger Grable, Donald Hecht, Steve Horton, Mark Hurwitz, Chris Jester, Marvin Magee, Nina Manning, John Marshall, Burr McKeehan, and Katie Sar.

And for all the new skippers we also want to thank the Mentors which included Andy Binkerd,  Argyle Campbell, Guy Doran, Helen Duncan, Peter Haynes, Ed Kimball, Rolly Pulaski, Phil Ramser, Steve Schock, and Alexander Vucelic.

More pictures available on Picasa Web Album Provided by Bob Yates.

More Pictures available Donna Grigg’s online album.


Harbor 20 Summer Party Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Harbor 20 Summer Party – Online Registration has been extended to 4pm PT today. If you plan on attending and haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here until 4pm today.

Due to overwhelming participation, dock space at LIYC will be limited, so we request that only “C” Fleet Registrants bring their Harbor 20’s to the LIYC docks at 1pm for the pre-race clinic.

First warning for all races is at 1400.

Fleet 1 Members are encouraged to return their Harbor 20’s to their slips before coming back to the Awards and Party beginning at 1600 at LIYC – due to space limitations on the dock.

Download the LIYC Course Chart here. We’ll be using these courses for the races tomorrow.

C-Fleet Start at the Harbor 20 Summer Party!

You’ve seen them out there, all those Harbor 20’s racing about Newport Harbor. Have you ever contemplated competing in your Harbor 20, but just don’t know how to get started? Jumping in to the existing B-Fleet can be intimidating because the fleet is pretty big. So, this year at our Summer Party there will be a great opportunity to get started. We will be offering an introductory clinic and a C-Fleet start in addition to the A and B Fleets. If you are totally new to racing, rusty after years of having not competed, struggling in the B-Fleet, or confused as to the rules, I would like invite you to join us on the docks at 1:00, when I will provide an overview of the basics of starting, sailing the course, rounding the marks, and the fundamental rules.  The starting line is close to the docks, so at 2:00 we will watch the A and B Fleet starts before heading out for a C-Fleet start, avoiding the congestion and learning from the actions of the other fleets. This will be very informal and low key, so come on! Come give it a try. Imagine yourself enjoying your Harbor 20 like these Harbor 20 sailors!


Come and join us. Click here to register. You’ll be glad you did!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Peter Haynes

peter.haynes@3ds.com, 949-631-8757 Office, 949-466-3971 Cell

Harbor 20 Summer Party

Join the owners of Harbor 20′s throughout Newport Harbor for a day of sailing, racing, social, food and drink on Sunday, August 21st.

If your new to racing Harbor 20′s, there will be a dock-side clinic from 1pm to 2pm taught by Peter Haynes that will get you the basics of the exciting sport of racing Harbor 20′s.

At 2pm, we’ll have several races for all levels of racers:

A (experienced),

B (novice to intermediate) and

C (beginner and first time).

Races will be right off the Lido Isle Yacht Club docks. After the racing, park the Harbor 20 at the dock and enjoy Mexican food, beer, wine, Margaritas and music from 4pm to 7pm.

Per person fee is $15. The fee includes the clinic, racing, dinner and drinks.

Sign Up Online By Clicking Here


Santa Barbara’s First Annual Guacamole Regatta

Under perfect conditions the Santa Barbara Harbor 20 fleet enjoyed 12 to 15 knots of wind with flat seas in a very exciting 5-race regatta.

Sharon Green of Ultimate Sailing fame was on hand to snap some of the best pictures I’ve seen of the Harbor 20 Fleet.  Click here to view the album.

The race committee ran 4 windward –leeward races with one race that had a reaching leg.   The 11-boat fleet was very tightly matched.  Ken Kieding aboard “Holly Harbor”, Scott Deardorff on “Fling”, and Al Salzer aboard Fleur de Lis finished one, two three respectively.

Awards where given out and the fleet enjoyed a great potluck on the sand next to the club.

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