Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes June 18th, 2020

Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes
18 June 2020
Rich Miller, Morgan Green, John Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Wayne Rosing, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Caroline Kavanagh

2020 Long Term Proxies:

  YACHT               OWNER                PROXY

Fleur de Lis Al Salzer Billy Bench
TachyToo Wayne Rosing Greg Hopkins

  1. Voting proxies for this meeting:
    a. John Jeffryes for Bill Hahn
    b. Morgan Green for Brian Green and Kevin Cahill
  2. Old minutes were approved.
  3. Geoff reported no changes.
  4. Rich reported nothing new at the national level.
  5. Lee reported on the Sail Policy Committee on the limited racing resumptions as shown on the revised SBYC schedule. He brought up the COVID rule about having 2 sailors maximum on Harbor 20’s. SBYC is interested in minimizing the number of people and interactions, and is interested in minimizing the appearance of too many people with regard to Santa Barbara’s COVID rules. Wayne commented that the appearance of too many people was not a good excuse for the crew limitation. There was much agreement on this point. Much discussion ensued with Rich stating the value of sailing with household members only for COVID control and the disadvantage of sailing with 2 if others are sailing with 3. Al Salzer described the need to have 3 or more crew for most conditions as a safety factor. Tom Wright agreed with Al. Rich further reminded all that protesting published rules is the recourse as required. Various restatements of these concerns came from other attendees. Morgan suggested and Lee accepted the task to feedback to Brad and the Sail Policy Committee the strong wish to be allowed to sail with more than two crew. All voted “aye” for this approach.
  6. Wayne moved to accept the redrafted bylaws, Morgan seconded, and the vote of all present was unanimous. JJ will incorporate the previously approved manner of voting and post the redrafted bylaws, sending them out by email in parallel to all owners and proxy voters with a request for needed substantive changes. Upon receipt of input from fleet on changes Board will meet and prioritize the list. Lee reviewed this voting scheme:
    a. In person or remotely via phone connection, or
    b. By e-mailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand, or
    c. By e-mailing a board member his/her vote beforehand.
  7. Lee stated that he, Geoff, and Rich are interested in being part of the team representing “West” in the East-West Challenge in Newport Beach on October 2/3/4. JJ will contact Bill Hahn regarding his interest. Geoff and Rich mentioned other new owners and their possible interest. Lee agreed to check with all.
  8. The subject of communicating with other local H20 interested parties came up and Lee summarized the discussion by stating that owners should forward to him names and emails of drew that they would like to keep informed of Fleet 4 activities. JJ will add these names to the “Interested Parties” list and the list will be used as required in the future. In all cases, owners should encourage their involved crew to participate in appropriate activities. All present agreed on this approach.
  9. Lee brought up date for weighing……there were no strong comments, though Rich mentioned that Saturday morning might cause the least conflict of the two times that Lee had earlier suggested: Friday, July 10th afternoon, Saturday, July 11th, morning. Lee will put out an email on this.
  10. Lee said that Brad would like some input on how to pick the SBYC H20 Fleet Champion for 2020. Various schemes were discussed……Geoff’s moved for 4 regattas with one throw-out. Further, if the SBYC experiences major scheduling problems during the remainder of 2020, the Champion would be the winner of the Summer One Design Regatta. Lee seconded the motion, all voted “aye”. The regattas would be:
    a. Rescheduled Summer One Design Regatta Saturday, August 8th.
    b. Fall One Design Regatta Saturday, October 4th.
    c. SBSC Goblin Regatta, Saturday only, October 24th.
    d. Reinstated Holiday Regatta, Saturday only, December 5th.
  11. Rich requested that the previous meeting’s minutes be forwarded with the upcoming meeting agenda. Lee and JJ agreed to do this.
  12. Geoff brought up the idea of having fewer meetings…..Al suggested going ahead with July’s meeting and considering thinning out the future meeting schedule, such as skipping the August meeting. Lee reminded all that, so far, 2020 meetings have been busy, long, and productive.
  13. Rich brought up the subject of spinnaker manufacturer and we were all reminded that the manufacturer is not designated in our bylaws and that we can go forward that way.
  14. Next meeting: Thursday, July 16th.
  15. Meeting adjourned.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 21 May 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Fleet Meeting Minutes

21 May 2020


Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Brian Green, J. Jeffryes, Lee Cushman, Wayne Rosing, Geoff Slaff, Al Salzer, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Kevin Cahill                                           

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                                PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

1. Old minutes were approved.

2. Geoff reported that we have $3247 in the bank and that he expects we’ll end the year with approximately the same balance after 2020’s planned expenditures.

3. Rich told us that the East/West Regatta currently scheduled for 2 – 4 October at the NHYC is not firm yet considering COVID-19 conditions. He also shared that some racing is being conducted in Newport Beach.

4. Lee shared some information from the SBYC Sail Committee:

  • Brad is looking forward to gradually start racing in early June with limited classes, etc. to be announced.
  • Brad is targeting, still to be firmed up, the Fiesta Regatta on July 18 for the first back-to-business regatta.
  • To help in planning the startup of racing, Lee told Brad that the minimum crew for H20’s is 2 with a separation of several feet.  Al Salzer requested that we keep in mind a goal of 3 crew.
  • JJ suggested that we offer a no-spinnaker configuration to Brad if it helps tone down our racing as we restart.
  • Lee also gave his opinion that appearances and feedback were good on Wednesday evenings with minimal H20 crews.

5. Morgan reported on the smoothed copy of Fleet 4’s Bylaws with all of the current appendices incorporated in the main body. She did some minor renumbering and moving of sections for clarity, but did no substantive changes. To save time and effort, Wayne suggested that we send out this copy to all of the owners now to collect:

  • Comments on errors that might have been made in this copy; and
  • Suggestions for future discussions and changes.

Geoff suggested that the distribution point out that the new preamble did not exist before, but that it is not a significant change.  He also suggested that the need for a designated jib manufacturer be mentioned. Morgan agreed to immediately fix one typo and remove the preamble, though it will be mentioned, to keep the meaning of the reformatted bylaws unchanged. Lee and the rest of the attendees discussed this approach and agreed on it.  Lee said that he will do this mailing when Morgan forwards the corrected copy to him. After discussion with Kevin and others, Lee said that he would ask for an owner review by June 10 allowing the reformatted bylaws to be added to the agenda on June 18th for discussion. Possible corrections and plans for posting on our website will follow.

6.  Lee next brought up the subject due for a vote on various ways for owners to vote on Fleet proposals.  Morgan clarified for all that a proxy can vote any way that he wishes……a mailed in vote is a specific vote per the owner’s wishes.  Lee reread the proposal allowing voting:

  • In person or remotely via phone connection, or
  • By e-mailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand, or
  • By e-mailing a board member his/her vote beforehand.

Voting was as follows:

FOR: Al Salzer, Jane Barrett, John Jeffryes (proxy for Hahn), Rich Miller, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Brian Green, Wayne Rosing (2 votes), Lee Cushman

ABSTAINING: Kevin Cahill

It was briefly discussed and agreed that this measure will not be added to the current bylaws reformatting, but will be addressed for final documenting in the near future.

7.  Lee brought up the second proposal due for vote on whether or not to make a 2020 boat weighing mandatory. Discussion included:

  • Lee leaned away from mandatory weighing, and pointed out that we have a complete set of weight data, and that, barring changes, boats tend to get heavier. Also, most of the boats are not close to being too light.
  • Morgan pointed out that weighing is already mandatory for new boats and that configuration and safety inspections are important and should be addressed in the future.
  • Tom would defer mandatory weighing in the near future, weighing for challenges only.
  • Several members stated they were interested in non-mandatory weighing this year. Lee took an action to work this.
  • Geoff contributed that 2020 has shaped up to be a bad year to consider mandatory weighing.
  • Kevin felt the importance of weighing, but suggested a predictable schedule such as every 2 or 3 years.
  • Rich offered an alternate scheme of weighing the top three boats every year.

Voting was as follows:

FOR: Rich Miller, Brian Green

AGAINST: Al Salzer, Jane Barrett, John Jeffryes (proxy for Hahn), Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing (2 votes), Kevin Cahill, Lee Cushman

8.  Lee stated that discussions on how to address the 2020 H20 Champion are on hold.

9.  Wayne reminded all that he still intends to use his purple North spinnaker. A short discussion confirmed that it is legal per our rules…….no action.

10. Lee brought up the idea of having virtual racing for the H20 fleet on some other night than Wednesday. Geoff suggested incentives and prizes for participants funded from Fleet 4’s treasury. Several members expressed interest and Lee suggested a June 6th event to replace time previously set aside for the Summer regatta. Rich pointed out that the usual format of the site used on Wednesdays produces races of about 15 minute duration and 4 races would be a good format. There was some discussion on ease of learning the racing techniques and it was suggested that we schedule some practice races. Rich will take the lead by re-sending the guide for registering at the virtual racing site and getting a feel for the fleet interest.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes May 11th 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Board Meeting Minutes

11 May 2020


Lee Cushman, Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Bill Hahn, J. Jeffryes                                

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                    PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Of the proposed agenda items for this Board meeting, it was decided to go through Morgan’s draft of the Fleet 4 Bylaws incorporating all of the outstanding changes.  Throughout the meeting Morgan took down detailed notes on all of the points discussed for clarity having to do with this new draft. She reminded all and it was understood that no substantive changes are being made….. only appendix incorporations are being done with any necessary minor smoothing.  Topics that came up that actually would require votes and bylaw changes were not discussed at this time. These minutes will not address the incorporations in any great detail.
  2. The topics within the Bylaws that were addressed included:
    • Adding a preamble was proposed stating that the Fleet 4 follows the Harbor 20 Association Bylaws except as noted in the Fleet 4 Bylaws. Morgan will look at existing references to the Association in our Bylaws while doing this so as not to be redundant (I.B.1, I.F.5, II.A, II.A.1, etc.). Rich mentioned the possible conflict in I.F.5 dealing with the Fleet Championship being held in conformance with Class rules. This clause might be changed in the smooth draft if the Board concludes it is non-substantive.
    • The Appendices dealing with the composition of the Board and voting was discussed. The clarifications on how voting is done (email, etc.) was discussed and may not require actual detailing in the Bylaws following the Fleet vote on the subject. Lee stated that we still have the open action to get this vote done.
    • The number of owners per yacht was discussed with respect to voting and it was concluded that it was a non-problem in Fleet 4, since each owner-member is connected with a separate yacht.
    • The Board agreed to move language in I.D.9 of the Fleet Bylaws into I.D.7. this adjustment puts the Voting and Quorum definitions in the same paragraph.
    • Lee brought up for clarification the situation where a competitor who is not a Fleet 4 member might want to race in the Harbor 20 fleet for some race. It was concluded by all that this would not be a problem for determining the Fleet 4 champion…. the non-member entry would just be ignored for points accrual and all lower finishing yachts would move up a place.
    • Sail Manufacturers:  All agreed that changes would have to be addressed in the future.  The sentiment of those present was that the spinnaker rule need not designate a manufacturer.
    • Clarifying who can be helmsman and crew as fixed rules was brought up and will be discussed in the future.
  3. It was briefly discussed and agreed that Lee and Wayne will collaborate to set up future Zoom meetings with their own paid accounts, and it will not be necessary for the Fleet to pay for a Zoom subscription.
  4. The next Fleet meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday in May, the 21st. If conditions improve immensely and the SBYC opens, the meeting may be at the club at 1730.  Otherwise, a Zoom meeting will be held again.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 16 April 2020


Fleet 4 Harbor-20 Meeting Minutes

16 April 2020


Rich Miller                                                    Morgan Green                                 Wayne Rosing           

J. Jeffryes                                                      Lee Cushman                                   Al Salzer                                   

Phil Frank (potential new member via phone)

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                               OWNER                                                PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Last month’s minutes were acceptable to attendees.
  2. Geoff Slaff shared his Fleet 4 Treasurer’s report on everyone’s screen:
    • Dues collections including Association dues are all caught up.
    • The budget prepared by Geoff and Lee was shown and included no out of town regattas, but included the Anchor-Down race (~$500), and another potential fun race (~$500). The end of year balance was estimated at ~$2100.
    • Morgan brought up a mid-winter party. It was pointed out that the hosts of past parties had made those parties financially easy, but $500 will be budgeted for a party sometime in 2020.
  3. New Events:
    • Lee again requested any ideas for new events.
    • Geoff pointed out and others agreed that the non-spinnaker racing the previous evening was fun and low pressure.
  4. Morgan reported that she’d sent out a smooth copy of the Fleet 4 bylaws incorporating all of the outstanding Appendices.  She will also send out a copy in pdf format. There was continuing discussion on how to pull in the Association bylaws….Morgan’s plan “A” is to first produce a marked version of the Association bylaws to ease Fleet 4 use. Incorporating the Championship NOR will be a further action item. Later in the meeting Wayne proposed that Morgan first send the smoothed Fleet 4 Bylaws to the Board for review and then Lee will send them out to the Fleet emphasizing that this first rewrite contains no new information and is will be immediately usable.
  5. Regarding the Mandatory Weighing of boats and previously proposed voting rules shown below, voting is postponed since a quorum for voting was not present:
    • Owners can vote by appearing at the appropriate meeting
    • By emailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand
    • Or by emailing a board member his vote beforehand.  (A listing of existing long term 2020 proxies appears at the beginning of these minutes and will be repeated in the future.)
    • VOTE:  A vote on these items will take place at the next Fleet meeting on May 21st. Lee will send out an alert explaining the no-vote and requesting full participation in the next vote through several forms of contact for all Fleet members to ensure communication. Wayne volunteered to help with technique, covering combined email, texting, and phone calls.
  6. Rich Miller explained that Fleet 4 determines the Harbor 20 Champion every year and the SBYC accepts that for most purposes.  However, for the One Design Challenge, the SBYC uses their own criteria for picking the Harbor 20 representative. Wayne suggested that, as we smooth up our rules, we carefully pick the titles for the H-20 Champion and Fleet representative. Morgan agreed to address this in the coming rewrites.
  7. Geoff asked if we could determine an interest level in participating in the virtual Wet Wednesday racing being organized by the SBYC. Rich Miller described the previous night’s virtual races as being very fun and particularly valuable if high winds prevail locally.  Geoff and other owners said they will be going out on the water when possible, so interest was split and no commitment was made.
  8. Wayne asked about possibly including a North manufactured asymmetric spinnaker as an allowable alternative.  Morgan suggested that we could address this in our updated bylaws.  Rich Miller agreed with this approach.
  9. Wayne asked if there is a “ringer rule” somewhere in out bylaws…. Morgan said that it is covered in the Association Bylaws.
  10. J. Jeffryes asked to document that we are delaying boat weighing plans. That was confirmed.
  11. The next meeting is scheduled for the third Thursday in May, the 21st. If conditions improve immensely and the SBYC opens, the meeting may be at the club at 1730.  Otherwise a zoom meeting will held again.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 4 March 2020


Bill Bench                                          Morgan Green                                             Dale Zurawski

Rich Miller                                        Lee Cushman                                               Sandra Denton

Tom Wright                                      Helene Webb                                               J. Jeffryes           

Jane Barrett                                     Wayne Rosing

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                   PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Fleet Captain Lee Cushman called the meeting to order, and gave a short personal bio by way of introduction. Several members thanked him for volunteering to be Fleet Captain.
  2. Geoff Slaff’s Treasurer’s report was mentioned….. he and Lee will prepare a budget for 2020.
  3. As our outside representative, Rich Miller reminded us that the East-West Challenge will take place in Newport Beach this year.  He also pointed out that there is no plan for a North-South Regatta and it may not happen.  Fleet 4 has no hosting duties this year.
  4. Wayne confirmed that he and Morgan will be working the one set of controlling documents to combine the Association Bylaws with Fleet 4’s, and with Fleet 4’s Championship NOR.  Morgan pointed out that their plan will be to first incorporate all of Fleet 4’s Appendices into the body of the Bylaws to make the document manageable for incorporation into a combined document, to make it immediately more useable, and to correct some errors that currently exist.  Rich Miller told us that the Harbor 20 National Association has become incorporated and is also planning to update/rewrite the Association Bylaws this year. Dale Zurawski offered to help with proofreading.
  5. Lee asked for new ideas for 2020 goals and new topics–several were brought up:
    • Get more boats competing.
      1. Rich reminded all that H20’s probably will appeal only to mature sailors.
      2. Helene suggested making a “crew available” list.
      3. Wayne and others discussed the club member requirement for CHRF races and some answers and clarity came from the discussion regarding how to be sure everyone who wants to race races.
      4. Rich pointed out that non-members of the SBYC may compete in Wet Wednesdays, but must pay a fee if they race regularly.
      5. Jane Barrett reminded all that sending out an alert early to get crew or offer crew is important to make sure that skippers and their boats can do a little planning and get to the starting line.
      6. Lee and Wayne suggested an expanded mailing list with all “interested”, “habitual”, and “itinerant” people listed to aid in providing crew.  Morgan volunteered to ask all owners to provide her the details of such a list.
    • Several people took part in the discussion dealing with Fleet 4’s intentions to organize our votes by having topics selected and discussed at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting, possibly with more discussion.
  6. Jane Barrett and Tom Wright said they wanted the option to vote by email.  After discussion by all, a motion was made by Jane, seconded by Lee, and “thirded” by Wayne:
    • Owners can vote by appearing at the appropriate meeting,
    • By emailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand,
    • Or by emailing a board member his vote beforehand.  (A listing of existing long term 2020 proxies appears at the beginning of these minutes and will be repeated in the future.)
    • VOTE:  A vote on this procedure will take place at the next Fleet meeting April 16th.
  7. Boat weighing in 2020.
    • Rich moved that we plan a vote on whether or not to make the planned 2020 weighing mandatory.  Dale seconded the motion.
    • VOTE: A vote on this will take place at the next Fleet meeting April 16th.
  8. Jane Barrett brought up the need for planning meetings in advance so that people can get the dates on their calendars.  After discussion, Lee agreed to target monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month.  Next meeting April 16th.


Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes 2-20-2020

Harbor 20 Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes

20 February 2020

  1. Attendees: 
    • Board Members: Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing, Bill Hahn, Lee Cushman.
    • Webmaster:  John Jeffryes
  2. Officers for 2020:
    • Lee Cushman agreed to serve as Fleet Captain if elected.  He was immediately nominated and elected.
    • John Jeffryes was nominated and elected to serve as Secretary.
    • The board noted that Geoff Slaff agreed to be Treasurer.  He was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller phoned Tom Wright and confirmed that Tom would be willing to be Measurer.  Tom was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller agreed to be the Fleet 4 representative for Harbor 20 Association and national activities (not an officer position).
    • John Jeffryes agreed to continue doing webmaster duties (not an officer position).
  3. Rules to Live By:   Wayne suggested that the Fleet have a set of “Rules to Live By” describing how officers and others interact.  These rules would be day to day guidelines for operating and applying directives such as our bylaws.  No action was set up for this at this time.
  4. Boat weighing:
    • The Board agreed to recommend a 2020 boat weighing.
    • Wayne will write an agenda item so members can decide on details and whether to make weighing mandatory.
  5. New Combined Fleet 4 Bylaws: Wayne suggested creating a single set of integrated H20 Class and Fleet 4 Bylaws that would stand alone and clearly show changes so readers would not have to cross reference.  Morgan said the task would be to collate and integrate the documents, using strikeout marks and different colors to make it easy to see which set of rules applies to Fleet Four.  Wayne and Morgan agreed to compose a draft.
  6. The Board discussed its procedures and responsibilities under current bylaws to clarify for new board members.  Discussion confirmed that all policy issues must be presented to the Fleet owners for votes.  Also reviewed: Fleet 4 relations to the Class and to the Yacht Club.
  7. Special email lists:  The Board agreed to new email lists.  Morgan Green agreed to assemble the lists for 2020.  Suggested lists:
    • Board and Officers
    • Owners
    • Fleet and habitual crew suggested by Owners
    • All of the above and any and all interested
  8. Meetings and Minutes:
    • Morgan Green noted recent misunderstandings, confusion and unproductive flurries of emails among fleet members. She suggested that as a solution, any policy issue must be agendized and presented for “discussion-only” at an initial meeting, and the same item presented again for more discussion and a possible vote at a subsequent meeting. The board agreed.
    • Board members agreed to send out a copy of approved minutes to appropriate mailing list(s) at the same time it is posted on the website to make it easier for people to inform themselves. Getting an email about a new web posting depends on each member being correctly subscribed on the H20 website. In the past this system has been problematic.
    • Board members agreed that meeting minutes will be drafted as soon as possible and distributed to the Board and officers for comments with a two day deadline, then updated, and posted.
  9. JJ will immediately change the Championship NOR to show the deletion of the Holiday Regatta for our Championship series. The 2019 Board made this decision.
  10. Proxy Voting:  The board agreed that Fleet 4 members can cast votes on behalf of absent owners when authorized. Morgan Green suggested bringing or showing an email authorization to document the proxy if requested. No board action.
  11. Next Fleet meeting:  March 4th at 5:30 at the SBYC.  Lee will announce it through an email to all members as soon as possible.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes February 19, 2019

Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Board of Directors

Meeting, February 19, 2019

  1. Organization for 2019. Rich Miller agreed to return as Fleet Captain, Rick Yabsley agreed to be Assistant Fleet Captain. Morgan Green will be recording secretary and Geoff Slaff will be Treasurer. Tom Wright will be fleet measurer. Approved. Geoff is to ask J.J. to return as webmaster.
  2. Discussion of North South Regatta, Labor Day 2019:

– North South Regatta on Labor Day Geoff Slaff volunteered to coordinate the event.

  1. Suggestions for events to be considered by the fleet at its next meeting to add more fun factor to the racing season and bolster participation:

Goleta Beach Race: Provide a tow boat for H20 participants to return to Santa Barbara. Provide a tow (sag) boat for racers going to Goleta so they are not late for the BBQ in case of light winds. Race back to Santa Barbara from Goleta. A Harbor 20 prize at the BBQ.

Regattas, one day or two: Currently there are four two-day regattas and three one-day regattas in the Championship Series. Decided to make all one-day events except for Fiesta Cup.

Spare boat sharing to potential newcomers to “test drive” a Harbor 20.

– Geoff said he could loan his boat during his business absences. Discussion but no decision on how to publicize (loaner boat list) including mention in Scuttlebutt, or on an H20 Facebook page or through Pinterest.

Fun Race to Miramar: Inside harbor start, race to off Miramar shore. Finish race, raft up or tie to a big boat for a picnic lunch. Start a home race after lunch, finish inside harbor. Reverse handicap for return race. Gather for dock party afterward.

– Geoff Slaff noted the fleet currently has $4,200 to use for parties, hire a “sag” tow boat or Miramar party boat, or fun race committee boats.

Resume Team Racing, with teams changing on Wet Wednesdays.

–  Friday evening gatherings (racing or training) or other social gatherings.

  1. Discussion of asking SBYC for some benefit in return for the fleet loaning members boats to Yacht Club for special events. Suggestions included spinnaker bags for all, or coaching. Agreed the idea be put to the fleet for a decision.
  2. Next full Fleet Meeting: Suggestion that proposals be condensed into questions to include in an email to boost participation by fleet members. Agreed by consensus. After discussion, March 14 was set for the Fleet Meeting at the SBYC Fleet room, pending availability.

6. Things to accomplish before the meeting: Geoff is to ask J.J. about staying as webmaster and he will to contact SBYC to secure the fleet room for March 14. An email with questions to be discussed is to be sent to all current fleet members.

7. Adjourned by consensus agreement.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 14 March 2019

Santa  Barbara Harbor 20
Fleet Meeting, March 14, 2019
Meeting   convened by Rich Miller. Present, Rick Yabsley, J.J. Jeffryes, Tom Wright,
Morgan Green, Bill  Hahn and Helene Webb,  Tim.  Dave Lampert appeared briefly to
introduce himself to the fleet as a new boat owner.
1. Treasurer’s Report; $4,209 in the bank.
2. Rules quiz.
3. Old Business. None.
4.  Review of minutes and topics from February meeting for fleet action.
– Confirmation by J.J. that he will remain as webmaster, as requested by the board at
the February meeting.
– North South Regatta. Confirmation that Geoff Slaff will handle the Labor Day event,
but some discussion that it may not take place. No action.
– Goleta Beach Race – Discussion about getting an anchored buoy for Harbor 20s to
use. Discussion of “sag” wagon to bring boats to the party if the wind dies., or tow
them  back to Santa Barbara after the BBQ.  Consensus to promote the event, possible
trophy for H20 fleet. No action. Further discussion later at a meeting attended by more
Fleet members.
– One-day Regattas.  Earlier recommendation was for all one-day championship
regattas in 2019 except for Fiesta Cup. Consensus among  the 8 present boat owners
was to confirm that recommendation.
– Fun sail to Miramar Cove. discussion. Rick Yabsley will examine the sheltered area.
Suggestion to start inside Santa Barbara harbor, finish at Miramar. Hand out
sandwiches  and drinks. Conduct a reverse order start for race back to harbor. Happy
hour at the dock. Rick Yabsley is to organize. Tentatively scheduled for August 17 or
– Friday night races in the harbor. Discussion. No action.
– Compensation for lending H20’s to yacht club for one-design Centennial Cup etc.
Discussion. Boats were loaned three times last year. Suggestion, compensation to be
the price of a jib per boat. Rich will discuss with the SBYC Sail Policy Committee.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes June 14th, 2018

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 14th
Attendees: JJ, Bill Hahn, Bill Bench, Al, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Jane Watkins, Cheryl, Rich, Helene, Ann Hutchins, Dale, Geoff
Treasurer’s Report:
  • Prior to the East West expenditures, the Fleet’s account balance was $4,781.07.
  • The Fleet unanimously passed a resolution to spend up to $2000 of the Fleet’s money on the East West Regatta, if needed for the social events.

Class News:

  • A new mold is being built by Columbia yachts.
  • Boats are still ordered through WD Schock
  • If someone has an old boat this may be exchanged for a new one for $10,000 (plus your old boat). The old boats will be re-furbished and sold for $30,000.

East West Updates:

  • Fleet 4 (Santa Barbara) Team selection process was agreed to. The process is as follows: after the Fiesta Cup the boats will be ranked based on their finishes in the Championship eligible regattas sailed year to date. Starting from the top, skippers will be asked if they are willing and able to compete and the process will continue until we fill out the 4 teams allocated to our fleet.
  • As in the past all of the boats’ standing rigging (i.e. shrouds) will be tuned to the same setting prior to the East West regatta.
  • We will need 14 owner’s reps for each day of racing and probably at least 10 reps for Friday’s practice to held after the spinnaker clinic. So far Helene, Jane Barrett and Tom Wright, Ann Hutchins, Ed Walls, Wayne and Jane Watkins have volunteered to act in this capacity. More are needed. Geoff will send an email to the fleet asking for more reps.
  • Jane Barrett reported on the housing. To date 7 rooms have been requested by the out of town sailors and so far, we have 10 rooms available. We are still waiting to hear back from 7 or 8 more out of town participants so we may need more rooms.

Social Events:

  • Jane Watkins is coordinating the Friday social event at the Maritime Museum. We will be using Stanton’s Gourmet Catering. There just happens to be a surf band playing outside the museum on this night to add to the fun of the evening.
  • Cheryl Miller is coordinating Saturday’s beach party at the club. SBYC will do all the set up and decorating and provide a Luau themed meal with passed apps and then a buffet. Jason Campbell’s band is playing and the consensus at the meeting was to make sure the music isn’t too loud.
  • JJ is coordinating the Sunday awards event at the Carriage and Western Art Museum. The plan is for a western BBQ with Tri-tip and associated sides. Julie Jeffryes will be asked to provide tours for people during the event.

Spinnaker Clinic:

  • Geoff will contact Scott Deardorff to see if he will lead the Friday afternoon spinnaker clinic.

Boat Electronics:

  • Members agreed that ideally boats will all have a compass and nothing more. We need to do an inventory and determine if this is indeed possible.

Logo for the Shirts:

  • Helene unveiled her artwork for the back and front of the shirts and everybody loved it.

Regatta Budget:

  • Including the bids, we have from the caterers for the Friday and Sunday events and from the yacht club for Saturday’s event we are showing an overall deficit for all of the expenses to put this on of about $300. This will be covered by the $2000 from fleet account the fleet members allocated to be used for this event. So far so good. Geoff doesn’t expect this deficit to grow to more than $1000 but we shall see. Everybody working on the various events and other expense related items (i.e. T-shirts) is doing a good job of trying to stay within budget.

Meeting adjourned.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 22 March 2018

Meeting called to Order at 5:30PM  March 28, 2018.
Attending: Kevin, Jane, Rich, Tom K., JJ, WER, Bill B., each representing boats.  A quorum of 8 boats represented was recognized.
Discussed Treasurer’s report.  Are we accumulating too many funds?  We have on the order of $4,000 in the bank.   A motion was made for a fleet championship take home trophy.  Passed unanimously, Jane to propose the specifics.
We need clear sign ups from owners so we can be sure about boat counts for East-West within April 15.   Note to follow from Rich to membership.
It was discussed and agreed all boats will be set up the same by the Measurer.
 A discussion ensued about members offering their boats for the E/W, N/S and other special regattas.   The consensus after discussion was  active membership in the fleet requires making their boat available for special fleet activities.  The Board was clear this is a Fleet Owner’s decision to be put to the Owners for a vote.
Boat bumpers for E/W regatta?  Nays carried.
Next a discussion about electronics and Compass function for all boats for the E/W.
The consensus was a compass function is desirable on all boats, but some do not have magnetic compasses.  Tacktics and speed pucks which also display speed we thought to be not in the spirit of no-electronics.  I note many of our wind gauges are electronic as well.  It was agreed this decision needs more work, so the discussion was tabled.  Comments from the fleet are invited.
Last a general discussion of the E/W regatta social events occurred.  We could not reach Geoff by phone so  the balance of the discussion was tentative given Geoff is doing more of the detailed planning.
For social events,  it was proposed we stick to same format as the last event: Friday party event, Saturday Club beach event.  Estimation is 100 participants, we need a proposal, and sort the venue and cost.   We ask Geoff, Jane and Karen K. to propose some options by May 15.
It was proposed we try to have Dave Uhlman to give a clinic Friday afternoon. Rich to pursue the option of a participation trophy in lieu of goodie bag was also discussed.  Jane to propose as part of the May 15 discussion.
Meeting adjourned.



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